When you are reading this it will be precisely one week until Christmas so it seems fairly apt that I spend this article talking about electronic Internet resources relating to the festive season, especially as Click won’t be published this time next week.

First and foremost I would imagine that many of you have friends that you were supposed to have sent a Christmas card but they slipped your mind and you’re now panicking that there is not enough time to get one out. If you’re quick you should be able to get in before the last Royal Mail posting date however if you miss this then you should certainly consider sending an electronic Christmas card instead. The other practical use would be if you have friends online for whom you don’t have a physical home address to send a card to.

I personally don’t like e-cards and do understand that they are not anywhere near as personal as sending a physical card out but surely it must be better to show that you at least thought of them than to send nothing at all?
For this reason try a simple Google search for ‘free Christmas e-cards’ and pick a site that takes your fancy as there are many to choose from. Alternatively head to www.123christmascards.com as they have hundreds to choose from that are all free of charge; you simply customise it with names and greetings and then send to an e-mail address of your choice.
They will then receive an e-mail saying that they have a Christmas card to view along with a link to take them to the card that you personalised earlier. All of these Christmas cards are written in Flash so they are both animated and include sounds but this does mean that both yourself and the recipient will have to have this program installed – Whilst most computers include this by default those that don’t will have to download it free of charge.
There are also links to other non Christmas e-cards which can be used at other times through-out the year when sending a physical card is impossible or impractical.

I did have a trawl across the Internet to see if I could find any comprehensive sites with information relating to activities, recipes and events happening during the festive season although unfortunately the results were somewhat unimpressive. One site I did discover was www.christmas-celebrations.com which covers areas such as decorating, gift ideas, Christmas trivia and of course Christmas recipes which covers making the infamous eggnog. Almost all the sites including this one had their share of condescending articles such as ‘stress busting tips’ which highlights blatantly obvious points which I’d hope most people would be able to work out for themselves.

Somewhat unfortunately I found very few articles relating to the religious element of Christmas despite some fairly extensive searching. There were a number of sites regarding Christmas traditions such those behind Father Christmas at https://www.christmasarchives.com/england.html.

I started writing this article believing that I would be able to find hundreds of interesting and entertaining resources for you to view but I have been very unimpressed as most of the sites I found were simply trying to sell me something tacky; it has often been said that Christmas is too commercialised and this isn’t any more obvious than on the Internet!

Having said the above, I do love Christmas however and wouldn’t change the over commercialisation so I’ll just consider it a blessing that I’ve found an area where the Internet doesn’t excel in any way, shape or form.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank-you all for reading over the last year and I wish you and your family a happy Christmas.

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