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Most of you will recognise the name Ian MacMillan by now; he is an enthusiastic reader who has often suggested topics for me to cover in Click.A few days ago I received the e-mail below from him highlighting a useful free service which some of you may find of interest:

Just a quick e-mail to let you know about something I learned of a while back.Dropload ( is an unusual free service which allows you to send and receive files of up to 100MB in size.At present the top e-mail accounts are limited to a maximum attachment size of 10MB, and some offer far less than that.The service offers the additional benefit that files uploaded and downloaded are automatically scanned for viruses.

Dropload is free but you need to sign up for an account first, which is easy to do.Once a file is uploaded the recipient is then sent an Read the rest

Google Earth

You may remember two weeks ago that I reviewed the Google Maps website and got quite excited about the satellite imagery contained with allowed you to type in a place name and zoom right in to view it from space.I was aware at the time of a new program on the horizon called Google Earth which is currently in beta (testing) format but since Google weren’t at the time allowing any new users to download the software I was unable to review it.This has now changed as the new beta version of Google Earth is now back online and free for all to download so it seemed appropriate that I should feature this extraordinary program in Click this week.

Whilst the Google Maps website allowed you to view satellite images with ease the website wasn’t laden with features which is understandable when you consider that it was just an Internet Read the rest

Google Maps

Many people don’t realise that there is more to Google than the ever popular and powerful search engine component.Recently the company have been introducing beta (test) versions of other services such as Google News, Google Local and Google Catalogue to add to their more established (but still relatively unknown) services such as Google Mobile and Google Labs.All of these services can be located by heading to and clicking on ‘more’

One feature that caught my eye recently was ‘Google Maps’ which can be located by either following the instruction above or by heading directly to and whilst in many ways this service is pretty much identical to more established sites such as I think there are several things that set it apart.Still in Beta test version, Google Maps cover the UK, Canada and the USA with more to be added when the service is fully functional.

When Read the rest