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Readers suggestions Part 2

Once again I’ll take the time off this week to help one of my readers take care of their computer woes.

I wonder if you could help, I am looking for some free software which “undeletes” pictures from an SD media card.I accidentally (believe it or not) deleted my holiday pictures by cutting the file from the camera card and then thinking I had copied them I deleted them off my PC!

Paul Wright, via e-mail

I should start this article by briefly explaining exactly what we mean when we use the term undelete.Many people think that what happens when they delete a file from their computer is that it is physically removed from the hard disk or media device you are using never to be seen again.What actually happens is that the Operating System simply marks the area of space that was once used by that file as being Read the rest

Readers suggestions

There’s a philosophy that rarely disappoints in this world and it goes something along the lines that if you’re too lazy to do something yourself then let someone else stand up and do the job for you.This week Ian McMillian wrote to me with a long letter of suggestions for Click and since I’ve got a fair amount on my plate this week I thought rather than break it down and edit it that I’d just print it in his suggestions in their entirety for you lucky readers:

-E-mail notifiers can run in the system tray and tell you when there is new e-mail without having to leave the e-mail client running.The best one I tried is POP Peeper which can be set to notify for POP e-mails as well as Hotmail and Yahoo! webmail

-One of the commonest criticisms of digital cameras is that the Read the rest

There is one man who has managed to keep me sane over the past years of working in front of a computer day in, day out and he goes by the name is Chris Moyles.Whilst I used to enjoy his afternoon show on Radio One which kept me distracted between the hours of 2pm and 5pm he now does the morning show which runs from 7am to 10am which means that normally I’d miss a large proportion of it either sleeping or getting ready for work.My reason for telling you about my radio listening habits is that I have been able to listen to this show later than billed by visiting the BBC’s website and after having a look around I think it’s a worthy site for a review in Click.

On visiting you are instantly provided with the days news bulletins and weather along with a number of Read the rest

Phishing – Don’t get caught

Last year the major financial institutions lost billions refunding customers who had suffered financial loss after being tricked into giving out their bank account details to online thieves by using a method known ‘phishing’.I thought that it might be an idea for me to concentrate this week on what to look out for when trying to identify a fraudulent e-mail although most of them are so obvious that you shouldn’t need too much help identifying them.

I also wanted to publish this guide as without meaning to sound harsh I honestly don’t think that these customers should be reimbursed by their banks when they are tricked because at the end of the day it will be costing customers such as myself - It isn’t the fault of the financial institutions that you were silly enough to give a fraudster all your bank account details so surely they shouldn’t take it Read the rest