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Genetics has a lot to answer for - The Holgate blood that pumps through my veins can often make me look like a real cheapskate as I really hate paying more for something than I have to.The truth is that I’m not adverse to spending money but if there are two products on the market that both do the same function and one is better value than the other then why would anyone in their right mind choose the more expensive one?

It is probably this philosophy that makes me love the Internet so much; you can buy products online and save an absolute fortune when compared to the amount you’d spend in a typical high street retail outlet.I have known for ages about a site designed specifically for people such as me but for one reason or another have neglected to mention it in Click up until now. Read the rest

Internet Content Filters

Many parents are worried about the type of material their children could access on the Internet, either intentionally or by accident as even without trying it’s easy to inadvertently end up at one of the less reputable sites online.

One of my regular contributors Ian McMillan suggested that I take a look at the freeware program ‘Naomi’ and I must say that I’m so impressed by this small, free program that this weeks article will focus primarily on the review of this particular piece of software.

By heading to you can download this small 1mb package and once installed you are simply asked to select a password that will be used if you ever wish to change any settings or shut down the program and then for most users the configuration is now completed.The program will now sit down in the toolbar and close the browser if it detects Read the rest

Digital Cameras

A scary realisation hit me a few weeks back when a relative asked if I had a photo of myself that they could have to add to a family album that was being prepared as part of a birthday present for my Granddad.After around ten minutes of looking I realised that I actually had no recent physical pictures of myself whatsoever because any that were taken of me in the last couple of years were taken using a digital camera and then either immediately deleted or stored on the PC.

Of course if I went back to pre-digital days I found that I had hundreds of pictures of me as a teenager stashed away in shoeboxes and in albums.These pictures were all taken using an old 35mm camera and to be fair half of them were rubbish so would probably have been deleted to save memory if digital technology had Read the rest

Epson Printer Utility

As you are all probably no doubt aware I own a company that distributes low cost compatible inkjet cartridges across the UK.From the range of cartridges that are stocked I find that the ones designed for Epson printers tend to produce excellent results at a good price with a very low return rate.One thing that time and again catches customers out is when they install a new inkjet cartridge into a machine which has dried up printheads and as a result the new cartridge fails to work satisfactory.

This problem is caused due to the fact that unlike machines designed by HP or Lexmark, Epson printers have the printhead integrated into the machine itself rather than present inside the cartridge.This means that in an Epson printer you just buy ink tanks and the printer then has to take care of distributing the ink onto the paper whereas in contrast a Read the rest