One site that I have always believed to be under appreciated is which hosts many thousands of programs which are either completely free of charge or free to try for a certain period. Many of the programs online are extremely useful and can be downloaded without having to subscribe or to give any personal information whatsoever.

Obviously such a service is extremely useful but I believe it is under appreciated because the site is often used as a mirror for other websites with little credit given if they don’t want to users downloading files directly from their own servers. Let’s assume I am talking about the program Spybot on my Internet site and I want to give my readers the chance of downloading the program so that they can try it themselves then I have two options. I could either host the file on my own website or link straight to the correct place on

The first option would require me to dedicate a large proportion of my bandwidth (data transfer allocation) to supplying those users that want to download the file and that could potentially mean me having to pay more for my web-hosting. The logical alternative would be to link them directly to the file stored on which then puts the onus on to them so that they have to worry about such things as bandwidth usage and costs. The reader then starts happily downloading and doesn’t bother to check out the rest of their site so chances are that although you have all probably visited dozens of times it is quite likely that you have never even noticed!

I’ll be taking a look at this resource today as it is a fantastic site which is fast, useful and easy to navigate and deserves you visiting it for more than a few seconds at any one time.

When you first visit the page you’ll see that all the free software that is available to download can be listed in several different ways. First and foremost you can choose to sort the software by category for example ‘games’, ‘design’, ‘business’, ‘Internet’ and so on as well as then being able to further refine by sub-category. These are logically laid out which makes the process of browsing so many thousands of programs somewhat less daunting.

In addition users are asked to rate the files that they download based on how useful they found them and whether they did what they expected it to do. This is particularly useful as it then allows you to search for software in the order of the user rating that it has received or even by the number of times that it has been downloaded which prevents you spending your day downloading files that despite sounding good actually fail to deliver.

Along with the user reviews you are also shown the software developers description of their program along in many instances a review. This further assists you in choosing a program that suits your needs.

The site itself is supported by non intrusive advertising and you’ll find that the software you download will be either completely free of charge, supported by advertising, supported by donations or simply trial versions. A lot of it is all extremely good quality and although you may spend a while sorting the metaphorical wheat from the chaff I am sure that you will find something that interests you eventually.

Next time you have a few minutes on your hands head to and search for that piece of software which will make your computing life just that little bit easier.

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