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This week I’m going to do something a little bit unusual in Click; something that I don’t normally do.Almost every week I go in search of the best free software for you guys to download and give it my full recommendation but instead this week I’m going to review a piece of software that I think is truly awful because I see the potential in both it and other similar programs available on the market.

Broadband connections are continuously getting faster but at the same time also coming down in price; to the best of my knowledge most places in Torbay are now able to get at least a 2 Meg connection with prices starting around the £12.99 mark.For the majority of moderate Internet users there simple is no longer an excuse not to have broadband and the growth of this technology is set to continue at a fantastic rate.Such Read the rest

Google Earth Part 2

Way back in July of last year I reviewed Google Earth – A program that allows you to view the world from satellite imagery.Just to recap once you’ve downloaded a 10mb file from and installed the software on to your computer you start with a picture of the Earth zoomed out as if viewing it from space.From this point you can rotate the globe and zoom in to street level or alternatively you can simply type in a place name and the program will automatically do it for you.

Yesterday a new piece of software was pointed out to me from the guys at NASA and thought that it was definitely worth a look at.World Wind ( is a free to download 50mb file that does something quite similar in design to Google Earth.The main thing that excites me about this program is because of the people Read the rest

Google Web Accelerator

After spending last week look at a dial up Internet accelerator which wasn’t recommended for broadband I thought this week that I’d do the opposite and take a look at a similar piece of software designed for broadband but not dial up connections.

Google Web Accelerator although still in Beta format is an interesting piece of free software designed by the same team that have bought us so many other useful pieces of software over the past year.The idea is that you install a small piece of software which then makes use of Googles global network to improve the speed your pages load in several ways.

Such tactics include sending your page request through a dedicated network of machines designed for Google accelerator traffic, storing copies of recently viewed pages, downloading only the changed material in a page since the last time you viewed it, prefetching certain pages, managing your Read the rest


I’ve had a fair few readers over the past couple of months comment that I haven’t yet got around to reviewing a dial up Internet accelerator service known as OnSpeed.There is a simple reason for this; I always assumed that the service would have to be a rip off as surely the speed gains you could hope to get on dial up from a piece of software would be extremely limited.

After having read a number of good reviews for the product on the Internet as well as speaking to several of my customers who have had good experiences I thought it would be worthwhile taking a look at this piece of software for myself


Internet Speed improvers have traditionally simply tweaked a couple of Internet dial up settings here and there for a small speed benefit whereas in comparison OnSpeed uses data compression to compress the size of Read the rest