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Distributed Computing

Distributed computing has been around for very many years.Some of my more long term readers will remember that way back in 2002 I featured a program called SETI @ Home which was designed to use the power of thousands of home computers together in order to search for extra-terrestrial radio signals amongst the stars.

Many years on the BBC have recently started another experiment using the same technology designed to use the spare computing power of many home PC’s together in order to run projection models designed to predict how the climate will change on a yearly basis all the way up to the year 2080.Obviously such issues are very much in the spotlight at the moment with some experts claiming that we are now too late to go back even if we were to stop polluting the environment tomorrow.

Basically you can join the experiment by downloading the software Read the rest

Transferring LP’s to CD #2

You may recall last week that I talked briefly about transferring LP’s to CD’s following a letter that I received from a gentleman who wanted to bring his LP collection into the 21st Century.This week a reader has chipped in with a helpful piece of advice for him and others that may be thinking of doing the same.

I was interested to read your reply to Tony Chidlow in Herald Express on Sat 11/02/06 who wanted to copy LPs to CD.You may not be aware that there are a few CD recorders around that connect to your hi-fi and do exactly that. The cheapest is the Pioneer PDR609 at around £200 but may be cheaper on eBay. The advantage of this system is its simplicity by recording directly to CD. What it won’t do however is reduce the clicks and pops; but if the discs are in good condition Read the rest

Transferring LP’s to CD

This week I’ll be taking a bit of time to delve into a question recently posted to me by one of my readers:

One of the reasons which persuaded me to buy my PC four or five years ago was that I wanted in due course to transfer some of my large LP record and audio tape collection onto CD.
For various reasons (mainly lack of time, although I have now recently retired), I never got round to doing this, although I have a CD writer and Drive and a programme which enables me to copy to CDs.

Having now retired and (potentially) having more time, I would now like to try and make a start on transferring some of my LP’s and tapes onto CD, but although I have read articles saying how easily it can be done and have seen advertisements for software which “cleans up” vinyl LPs Read the rest

Internet Explorer 7

This week I’ll be publishing a letter from one of my loyal readers regarding the new beta version of Internet Explorer that has just been published on the Microsoft website:

At last the beta version of Internet Explorer 7 is available for download, at - This will be the standard browser in Windows Vista when it is launched in September 2006.

The main emphasis of the new browser seems to be on simplicity, with the interface being considerably simpler than previous versions - This may not please the purists as some features are not now as easy to access as they were in the earlier versions.The main additions are tabbed browsing (which Firefox and Opera have offered for ages) and the built in RSS reader.RSS feeds with the orange RSS logo like this are becoming very common and for example they can be a much quicker way of Read the rest