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One topic that I get asked about more than any other is that of Spyware & Adware – Software installed without the knowledge of the user in order to track your computer usage habits or expose you to advertising.The majority of you are probably fed up with me bleating on about how to scan and remove this software from your computer but it is genuinely amazing that even with all the programs available in the marketplace today quite how many machines are still infected.I’d say that the majority of computers that I ever sit in front of have at least a couple of pieces of this pesky software installed without the users knowledge so it is important that even if you think your system is clean that you follow my advice today anyway.

The primary problem with Spyware is that whilst the majority of it does no serious harm it Read the rest

First look – Office 2007

Not a day goes by when I don’t use Office 2003 for one reason or another and this morning I became curious as to when Microsoft would release an upgrade that would make my life easier.A quick search on the Internet revealed details of Office 2007 which is currently in second Beta edition and the finished version is due for release at the end of 2006.

The main difference in this new incarnation of Office as far as I can tell is the user interface which Microsoft has dubbed the ‘ribbon’ interface.It has been designed to replace the existing system of menus, toolbars and dialog boxes with a less cluttered system that allows you easy access to the more advanced features of the applications.I think the main drawback with the old system was that whilst it was fine for a while, as more advanced features were integrated into the program Read the rest


Approximately a year and a half ago I took at look at the completely free online encyclopaedia Wikipedia which is kept alive by a combination of user contributions and donations.Back then I had only just discovered its existence and was instantly impressed by the huge amount of good quality reference material that was available. Further down the line the quality of the site hasn’t deteriorated in anyway with hundreds of articles being added or updated on a daily basis so I thought that perhaps it was time to feature it once again for those that missing the first article along with those who simply need reminding of its existence.

The one problem that I have with the Internet is that by doing conventional searches using an engine such as Google you are often relying on pot luck as to the quality of the results that are returned.For example one topic Read the rest