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EditPad Lite

Many people would be surprised by this but one of my favourite applications in Windows is notepad utility - Okay, it’s extremely simple and contains practically no features but that’s exactly why I like it!

When you’re taking a call and need to make a note or are using the computer and want to create a non fancy document such as a to do list for the day Notepad is absolutely perfect.There would rarely be a time that notepad isn’t running on my computer as it saves me jotting notes down on pieces of paper that I would then promptly lost.

Just recently I discovered an application called ‘EditPad Lite’ which retains the simplicity that I love about notepad but also adds other helpful features that sometimes you just wish Microsoft had incorporated into their application from the start.

For all of you that share the same passion for Windows Read the rest


Instant messenger services are more popular than ever and over the past couple of years I’ve been able to get around to reviewing a handful of them.These applications offer a free and convenient way for Internet users to chat one another, usually through simple text dialogue.

Unfortunately there are many several different products on the market and the likelihood of everyone you know using the same one is quite remote which tends to result in some people juggling their contacts between two or more different systems.It is precisely this reason that I have chosen today to look at a piece of software which aims to bridge the gap between these different applications.

‘Trillian’ has been around for around many years now when the initial release became available to the public back in mid 2000 although at this time it was a simple IRC (Internet Relay Chat) client.It wasn’t until the Read the rest


One of the best (and some could argue worse) things about the Internet is that literally any user can have their say on absolutely anything they want.It has never been easier for the common man on the street to broadcast his viewpoint to such a large audience and one of the technologies helping with this is known as ‘blogging’

The concept of blogs dates back to the earlier days of the Internet when if you wanted to communicate an idea you got yourself a personal website.These websites would be used to put across your personal opinion on usually quite irrelevant matters as well as providing links to external sources you thought the reader might appreciate.

One reason for the current popularity of Blogging is that it is so simple to set up and there are usually absolutely no costs involved.Of course although the technology is in place it is important Read the rest

E-Mail Spoofing

This week I’m going to reply to an e-mail I received from a reader this week which touches on a subject I’ve have had a fair amount of first hand experience with just recently:

I follow your column in the Herald Express and see you sometimes highlight problems.I have followed your advice and some time ago installed the AVG Grisoft virus check, which I keep fully updated.

I am however being inundated with returned e-mails which did not originate from me but uses the latter part of my e-mail address.I note that they all have attachments which of course I have never opened. As virus checks do not reveal a problem on my computer, can you suggest a possible cure?

John Cadman, via e-mail

As mentioned at the beginning of this article I have encountered this exact problem myself just recently.Unfortunately a number of spammers have been trying to sell Read the rest