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DriveImage XML

Many times in the past I have been guilty of having a ‘do as I say and not as I do’ attitude and this is especially true when it comes to the subject of backing up.When I used to fix computers for a living whenever a hard drive issue was encountered I always said in my most patronising voice ‘I’m assuming that you keep a backup’ followed by a shocked look when they invariably said that they didn’t.Truth of the matter is that I have never kept a backup and so far have been so lucky in the fact that (touch wood) so far this hasn’t really caused any problems for me.

I am getting older and wiser however and so the time seems right for me to start taking precautions when it comes to protecting my data so this week I have invested in a huge great big hard Read the rest

RSS Feeds

As you are no doubt aware the Internet is a huge place and with billions of pages at your disposal it can sometimes be a little tricky keeping up to date with the information that you require.Luckily a technology known as RSS (Really Simple Syndication) makes it easy to have the latest news and features delivered directly to you rather than you having to go searching for them.By using an RSS reader or compatible browser you can easily get the latest headlines and articles from your favourite sites delivered to you automatically.

Whilst not all websites provide RSS feeds the format is rapidly growing in popularity with many of the most popular news sites such as the BBC and Sky News supporting it.Potential uses for the technology have expanded from just offering users the headlines to now offering a whole range of subjects such as Job Openings, Auction items, MP3 Read the rest


Last week we talked a little bit about Linux and I introduced you to a program called Slax which served the purpose of being a perfect introduction for those new to this Operating System.The big downside to Slax was that it wasn’t really designed for installing on to a hard drive and so didn’t really lend itself to being used as a long term alternative to Windows.

This week we’ll take a look at a Linux Operating System which is designed to be installed either as a direct replacement or installed permanently alongside the Microsoft offering going by the name of Kubuntu.

Because Kubuntu is based on the KDE graphical interface those of you that tried out Slax last week will find this variant of Linux extremely easy to get to grips with.Where it differs is that Kubuntu isn’t designed from the ground up to be easily portable and as Read the rest


For a while now I’ve given readers free access to an archive of old Herald Express Click articles online at the website address Last week we recently completed an entire redesign of the site and whilst adding some old articles it came to my attention that the last time I reviewed a Linux Operating System was way back in 2002.Obviously Linux is a very important and successful technology and so this week I thought was as good a time as any to correct the apparent lack of interest I have shown towards it.

I feel obliged to recap on what exactly Linux is because many of my readers may not yet be familiar with it.Put simply Linux is primarily considered an alternative to the Microsoft Windows Operating System as many users are not completely happy with the many offerings from Microsoft.The product is particularly popular with the Internet Read the rest

Fresh Software

Several pieces of software came to my attention just recently; all four of them published by the practically unheard of ‘Fresh Devices’ company and available completely free of charge from spent an hour this afternoon trying them out and thought they were worthy of inclusion in Click.

Fresh Download

Fresh Download is a download manager that replaces the bog standard file downloader built in to your existing browser.It supports opening multiple connections to decrease download times off slower websites, includes the ability to pause downloads as well as resuming those that failed part way through.The program is easy to use and can be integrated with either Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera and many other browsers that work in any version of the Windows Operating System.

Fresh Diagnose

Fresh Diagnose is used to analyze and benchmark many kinds of different hardware in your machine in order to gain more information Read the rest