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Up until now I have put off talking about the popular friend network as the whole idea of what seemed to amount to nothing more than an online popularity contest didn’t really appeal to me.After being hassled by a couple of people to sign up I have now made the leap and created my own profile and so far have found the whole experience pretty rewarding!

Unless you have had your head well and truly buried in the sand it is unlikely you haven’t already heard of MySpace as Alexa are currently ranking it as the fifth most popular site on the Internet.You may well be like me however and be in need a little push to actually set up an account.

The idea behind MySpace is simple; you create a profile describing yourself and your interests and then go off in search of any of your other friends Read the rest


Just over two years ago now I reviewed a piece of software called PC Anywhere as a solution for those that wanted to control any number of PC’s remotely.Rather naively I thought that when it came to remote control that this software was pretty much the best it got however just recently we’ve had computer repair company move in to a room in the Refresh building and they kindly introduced a piece of software called UltraVNC.They use this software for fixing customer problems without having to even leave the building and I thought this would be of interest to a number of my readers.

I personally have use for such a program as there are several computers in the office that all have different e-mail accounts and applications installed on them and it can sometimes be helpful to be able to control any computer from the one machine.Home users who Read the rest

AVG 7.5

I’m still genuinely amazed by the number of my readers who are still using paid for anti-virus programs after I have recommended time and time again a completely free solution.I’m assuming the reasoning is that the public believe that a free version of an application as important as a virus checker would be substandard and offer inadequate protection hence why I’m here today to try and change this perception.

I think there’s no better way to change this perception than to ask a home user to look at the typical anti-virus software of choice used by IT professionals.Rather than using the larger commercial applications these people often choose to use products such as AVG and this is for more reasons than simply cost.Many in the industry are very much under whelmed by the quality of many of the larger paid for solutions and without singling out individual products I can Read the rest

Rockstar Classics

Those that read Click will know how much I love free software although up until now very few of my articles have focused on gaming due to the fact that this series was intended to be educational and so concentrates more on applications and utilities.This week however I thought we’d take a break from the serious stuff as I’ve just discovered that several of my favourite old school games have been made available online as legal, free downloads.

All three games that I am going to look at today are available on the website and are manufactured by the games producer Rockstar.This particular company made it big and hit all the headlines back in 1998 when they released game Grand Theft Auto and this is the first game I’m going to look at today.

Grand Theft Auto

GTA allowed the player to take on the role of a criminal Read the rest