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Recap on the year Part 2

Last week we looked back at the applications that I featured in Click over the past year and I thought it would be worthwhile to follow that up with some of the biggest technology developments of 2006 as to get an idea as to how things have changed over the past twelve months.

I feel that the most fundamental change this year has been a fairly substantial mainstream shift to the use of modern day technology.A large amount of the population now use iPods, DVD Recorders, SatNav systems, camera phones and the such daily but additionally, as well as the Internet being the tool to purchase most this stuff it also dominates pub conversations across the country.Long gone are the days that such gadgets and such interests were the realms for geeks only, you could now almost say that technology was becoming ‘cool’.

The main growth area this year would Read the rest

Recap on the year

I had every intention of writing an article this week somehow linking computers and Christmas however as the two really aren’t related in any way, shape or form I have once again given up on this idea and decided to do something completely different.Close to the end of the year I thought it might be handy to recap on some of the best links to free software that I have featured in Click in the past year.

Firefox – Fantastic web browser that is small, fast and secure – still beats Internet Explorer hands down in my opinion. - A powerful e-mail client from the same people that released Firefox.Offers advanced junk mail blocking, anti-phishing protection. – One of the most popular VOIP (Voice Over IP) programs, this application can be used to make free calls to other Skype users around Read the rest

Speech Recognition

I am one of those fortunate enough to be able to touch type although having seen many people struggle with a keyboard I thought it was about time to discuss using Speech Recognition to ease the burden faced by the two finger typers left in this world.In addition to helping those not familiar with using a keyboard Speech Recognition can also be extremely useful to people that through disability physically have trouble typing.

Fortunately getting set up with Speech recognition is completely free for those that have the popular Office XP installed on their machine and to get started simply requires finding a suitable microphone.Although a standard desk microphone would be sufficient it would certainly be worthwhile investing on a dedicated headset.These can be purchased relatively cheaply through many computer stores or pop in to Refresh and I’d be happy to hook you up with one for next to nothing.Read the rest

Playstation 3

Those who are looking for a new console this Christmas will be given the choice of either the Microsoft Xbox 360 console or the soon to be released Nintendo Wii.Things aren’t that simple however because there is also the Playstation 3 due to be released early next year raising the question as to whether it’s worth holding out for the Sony offering.

I haven’t had chance to play on this machine just yet as it is not currently released in the UK however it is available in the United States so this weeks article will focus more on talking about the technical details of the machine as reported by our overseas friends rather than my own personal experiences.There are also two versions of the Playstation 3 available in the US although at present I am unable to ascertain so to whether both versions of the console will be available in Read the rest

Plasma vs. LCD

Just recently I heard the news that the key makers of Plasma TV’s have banded together to fight the rising popularity of LCD TV’s.It is fairly unprecedented move but understandable when you consider that LCD has taken over the market for TV’s smaller than 40inches and are now starting to encroach on the market for larger screens.I thought with Christmas around the corner and a new TV being on many wish lists that it would be an idea to take an objective view as to which technology would be best to unwrap on the big day.

There isn’t enough space in this article to go in to the actual working of the technologies used in both types of TV so we’ll leave that for another week.For today though I thought it would be best to have simple bullet points simply explaining the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Screen SizeRead the rest