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Internet Explorer 7 Part 2

Internet explorer 7

I’m writing this article on Thursday 19th October – A day that may be remembered as the day Internet Explorer finally caught up with the rest of the world as today Microsoft finally released the completed version of Internet Explorer 7 to the public.You have to excuse my cynicism but whilst the browser is undoubtedly an improvement on the bug ridden Internet Explorer 6, I am actually amazed it has taken so long to release a version which essentially brings them up to date with the likes of Firefox.

Whilst I’m not saying there is anything wrong with this new version, it does seem strange that Microsoft has taken so long to include features that have been freely available for years through alternative browsers.In the interests of a fair review however I will detail the new features this new browser will offer for users still using Internet Explorer 6.Read the rest

Readers contributions


At the time of writing (Thursday 12th) I have just celebrated my 25th birthday and as sit in front of my laptop today I find it genuinely hard to believe that when Click started over 300 articles ago that I was a teenager - Where has the time gone?

To digress I plan on taking everything a little bit more easy today and as a couple of readers have recently contributed some interesting questions and comments I thought I would leave the article predominantly in their hands today!

With reference to your Herald Express article on copying DVD films I can tell you that last year I downloaded several free programs for backing up CDs and DVDs, although I am unfortunately still saving up for a suitable DVD writer!I thought the websites below would be of interest to your readers as there is a fair amount of Read the rest

Selling on eBay


There is a great deal of talk at the moment about buying on eBay but in my experience I’ve found there is substantially less information related to the actual subject of selling online.

Having recently been dragged around several car boot sales it’s come to my attention that there are people literally giving away potentially valuable items at these sales which they could shift faster, easier and for a greater price online.There is no greater way of highlighting this fact than when you consider there are now people starting businesses literally buying items from car boot sales and selling them online.This week I’m going to explain how to cut out the middle man to obtain the most money for your unwanted items.

I’ve found the best way to get in to eBay is to start of slowly; due to a ratings system you’ll find people unwilling to deal with you Read the rest

Nintendo Wii


I very rarely take the time to discuss gaming consoles in Click as this article tends to be more focused towards the serious side of computing such as applications, new technology and the Internet.However, once in a while something quite unique appears on the horizon and it would seem wrong not to give it some exposure.

Nintendo recently announced that their new Wii console would be released on December 8th, meaning it has a release date perfectly timed for the Christmas rush which is way ahead of the Sony PlayStation 3 release date of March 2007.Of course, the more powerful Microsoft Xbox 360 console has already been available for around three quarters of a year which means Nintendo will have to deliver something special to avoid being hopelessly outsold during the festive season.

Luckily what it lacks in hardware specifications it makes up for in ingenuity and cost.The Read the rest

Backing up movies


As you can imagine a company such as ours that sells blank media (CD’s, DVD’s etc) does get asked on a daily basis how to go about making a copy of a movie using a home PC.As this is something not yet covered in Click I thought this week I would write a definitive answer as to hopefully decrease the frequency that this question pops up.

I will of course point out where the law stands on this; you are legally allowed to make a single backup of any copyrighted video that you own for personal purposes only as long as that backup is then kept for your sole use and not rented, lent of given to a third party.To copy a movie for any purpose other than this is very much illegal and something that neither myself nor the Herald Express could condone.

To backup a movie DVD you Read the rest

Readers Questions Part 3


I’ve received a couple of e-mails in the last week which I thought I’d share with my Click readers.

It was interesting to read your article about YouTube last week although one of the disadvantages of this website is that it has not been possible to download the videos on YouTube for offline use.This means that you will not be able to view the videos away from an internet connection, and if one of the videos is removed for any reason you will not be able to see it again.

This problem is solved with YouRipper (free from which allows you to download any YouTube video as a Flash video in .flv format.YouRipper acts like a video recorder for YouTube, and allows archiving of your favourite material.

The .flv format that YouRipper will save the video as cannot be played in most of the common media players but it Read the rest



The popular video hosting site has hit the headlines several times recently for all the wrong reasons so I thought I’d draw focus back to the real reasons this website is always on my favourites list.YouTube was founded back in February 2005 by three early employees of PayPal and has already grown to become one of the most popular sites on the Internet.It provides users with a way to upload video content as well as being able to immediately view a huge number of video files completely free of charge.

As you would well imagine the variety of the content is huge – with 65,000 videos being uploaded every 24 hours you can type practically any word or phrase in to the search box and without fail a number of results will be returned.All videos are rated by users of the site and if you choose not to search Read the rest

WEEE – What is it good for?


The UK Department of Trade and industry (DTI) last month released its final plans for the implementation of the EU’s Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) directive which over the past couple of years has caused a great deal of controversy.The directive focuses on the disposing of old electrical and electronic equipment by making manufacturers responsible for taking back and recycling products that have come to an end of their natural lifecycle.

There are of course people arguing on both sides of the fence both for and against WEEE which I will discuss this week in Click since my technologically savvy readers will quite clearly be affected by it in some way or another.

On the positive side this directive should result in several benefits to the environment by providing manufacturers with an incentive to design their equipment in a more environmentally conscious manner. Additionally the directive will provide the Read the rest



My business partner at our webdesign company Refresh Creations recently started talking to me about wiping all data from a computer that I was set to sell on eBay.The computer in question had a fair amount of sensitive information on it and he seemed horrified that I was just going to wipe the hard disk using a Windows format and then sell it on.

For all intensive purposes what I was about to do would have been fine but to be on the safe side he introduced me to a piece of software which does a much more thorough job.I thought it might be prudent for him to talk my Click readers through this program as it could certainly come in useful for anyone looking to sell their computer or hard drive on the second hand market.

With data security becoming a greater issue on a daily basis it’s Read the rest

Firefox Extensions


Many of my Click articles end up with me banging on about how good Firefox is and how all my readers should consider using it as their main browser over Internet Explorer which is bundled free with Microsoft Windows.Since one of the main arguments I use is the large amount of third party add-ons that are available I thought this week I should probably corroborate that thinking by naming a few of them.

Add-ons (otherwise known as extensions or plug-ins) aren’t pieces of software in their own right but rather small bits of code designed to integrate with an existing application in order to extend its capabilities in one way or another.Firefox like many other browsers on the market encourage users to take advantage of this facility so that they can extend their browser in a way that suits them.

I’ve picked a few of the most popular plug-ins available, Read the rest