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Protecting yourself while shopping online

There are still a large number of people that are simply afraid to shop on the Internet which worries me somewhat as my livelihood is completely reliant on people feeling comfortable using their credit card details to order online.Not only is online shopping one of the most secure ways to shop but there are also a number of avenues available to protect you online and minimise the risk presented.


There are three pieces of relevant legislation that will protect you when shopping online.

-The Distance Selling Regulations which allow you send goods back for ANY reason whatsoever within seven working days of delivery.You do have to pay for the return of the goods though.

-The Sale Of Goods Act which allows you to obtain a full refund if the goods are not ‘fit for purpose’

-Finally, the Consumer Credit Act which means that if a retailer Read the rest

Cheaper Cartridges

Every now and again I see it fit to do a little self promotion although today this shameless promotion isn’t necessarily because I want it but rather I’m getting worried by the number of people that come to our trade counter asking for cartridges for particularly expensive printers.This is genuinely surprising because I have mentioned in Click a number of times about checking out the ongoing running cost of your printer before buying but this seems to be falling on deaf ears.

The ongoing running costs are an extremely important consideration and the analogy I like to use is that I wouldn’t go out and buy a ridiculously cheap car if I then had to fill up with petrol at cost of £10 a litre.It seems strange to me that when buying a new printer that consumers still look primarily at the initial purchase price of the machine rather than Read the rest


It’s been a while now since I’ve talked about a mobile phone in Click so with Apple unveiling the new iPhone I thought it was about time we looked at this eagerly awaited product.At last weeks MacWorld Expo many anticipated the announcement of this new phone along with a new version of the iPod but instead they saw a combination of the two devices in a single product.There is a large amount of extra technology thrown in for good measure which is why I feel this product deserves a mention in a predominately computer based article.

The iPhone looks very different to other mobile phones that we have become accustomed too as rather than using a keypad underneath a conventional screen the iPhone dispenses with buttons altogether.This has been achieved as happy have made the device essentially one big touch screen - The obvious advantage to this is that the Read the rest

Blu-Ray and HD DVD

High Definition seems to be the current buzzword in the technology sector; we have had high definition ready TV’s on the market for some time now and now not only do we have a choice of one high definition playback format to choose from but two.To be honest the whole affair is very much like the old Betamax and VHS video war which repeats itself so often in the technology sector as two different formats struggle for supremacy.This war is particularly interesting for those in the computing industry because this technology isn’t only for the video industry but one of the formats will most likely become standard in the PC industry enabling software producers to fit huge amount of data on to a single disc.

Of course both formats have their advantages and disadvantages which is what we’ll be discussing today by looking at both formats individually.


First Read the rest