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PC or Mac?

The great thing about computer geeks has to be the passionate way that they can either loyally defend or implacably slate a particular system; fanatics are polarised so much by two competing platforms that only very rarely can some kind of sensible middle ground ever exist.

I remember when I was younger, talk in the playground often turned to which console was best, your Sega Megadrive or your mates Super Nintendo - You can guarantee that if I were a fly on the wall in a school today, that the same kind of discussion would still be raging between the X-Box and Playstation gamers.

A similar kind of discussion, ‘which is superior, the PC or the Apple Mac?’ has been burning between adult computer users for several decades now.Personally I don’t have the time to worry about the issue a great deal, nor do I feel the need to militantly Read the rest

USB Flash Drives

A good few years ago now, I wrote the first Click article to focus on USB Flash Drives and in it I rather optimistically sounded the death knell of the floppy disc which at the time was still very popular.Of course, I also thought the end was in sight when we were introduced to the rewritable CD, the Zip Drive and the 120Mb Floppy, but let’s not dwell on these points too much.The important thing to remember is that this time my prediction was accurate and this is down, in no small part ,to the remarkable success of the USB Flash Drive.

Despite the widespread use of Flash Drives, I often still find myself giving a crash course as many computer users as still unaware to what these devices are and their potential benefits. A Flash Drive, or Pen Drive as they’re often called, essentially consists of a memory chip Read the rest

Keyboard Shortcuts

For years I have been perplexed by the people that use their mouse for absolutely everything when are a number of perfectly good keyboard shortcuts that will do the job in a fraction of the time.Why people don’t take advantage of these shortcuts is arguable however I personally believe the primary reason is that most just don’t realise there is another way, otherwise why else would you hunt around for an item on a menu bar if you can quickly hit a key and achieve the same effect?

Funnily enough, now that Microsoft have hidden or moved all my commonly used menus in Windows Vista I find myself relying on these short cuts a great deal more than I used to.I’m sure that trying to convey these to you in a list format probably isn’t going to make this one of the most exciting Click articles that I’ve ever written Read the rest

Improving your wireless Network

I’ve been struggling just lately to get a reliable wireless signal on my laptop when I’m at work.The problem stems from the fact that Refresh Cartridges is run from a 1920’s building and as such broadcasting a network around the building is next to impossible.If the building were modern day in design then the walls and floors would be practically made of cardboard and in this instance I probably wouldn’t have a problem.

I came across some helpful tips online the other day which can noticeably improve the wireless signal which you can expect to get in your home.Whilst most of them are fairly obvious there are a few that you may not have thought off and with many users now having wireless networks in the home these tips are definitely worth consideration.


Fairly obvious this one; if you can possibly position your router in the middle of your Read the rest


A few days ago I watched the Tonight program on ITV, as I thought that the subject that they were covering might make for an interesting Click article this week.The subject in question was the new evil that has come to be known as ‘CyberBullying’ which involves individuals filming attacks, and then posting them on to video sharing sites such as Youtube for others to watch and take enjoyment from.

I personally can’t imagine the kind of individual that obtains pleasure from watching such videos and of course, I do agree that something needs to be done however as I sat and watched I couldn’t fail to be amazed how, in true Tonight style, the situation had been overblown to epic proportions.If you were watching this program uninformed you would come to the natural conclusion that all school kids do nowadays is go in to school with a camera phone, Read the rest