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It’s no secret that the radio can at times be both repetitive and, if we’re honest, rubbish. Working in an office, it is pretty essential to have some background music however if I heard Umbrella by Rihanna one more time this summer then I would have actually broken down in to tears.

For those of you unfamiliar with the song you must have been locked away for the entire summer or you simply don’t own a radio as I was exposed to it literally every half an hour through my nine hour working day for a period of three months. By my calculations this means that over the period of the summer I listened to that song over 1,600 times which in my mind is around 1,599 times too often.

If you’re still not sure which song I’m talking about, it’s the one that has three entire choruses that consist … Read the rest

Virtual CD’s

Even in the current day where the majority of software is downloadable, there are still many programs that require a CD or DVD to stay in your drive in order to function.Most notable are games which often don’t install themselves fully in order to save disc space and reduce the chance that they will be copied.Having to have a disc in the drive isn’t always ideal so this week we’re going to talk about virtual drives which can alleviate this necessity.

One program I’ve had particular experience with in the past is Alcohol 52% free edition which can be downloaded by heading to bear in mind that this free edition isn’t the core product offered by Alcohol Software so do make sure you look carefully and avoid downloading a 30 day trial for one of their more extensive versions by mistake.

Once installed, the software will allow you Read the rest

PC or Mac? Part II

I started last week talking about the recent resurrection of the Apple Mac and whether your next computer really should be a Mac or whether you’d be best off sticking with the trusty PC.Unfortunately my article is restricted to approximately 700 words so I got as far as to looking at both systems historically and had to leave the conclusion for this weekFor those of you who missed the initial article visit to download a copy.

It can’t be denied that by all major benchmarks the Mac has improved a great deal in the past few years, and certainly for this point Apple should be congratulated.That having been said, I can’t help but think that I’m missing something when it comes to the argument of why I should abandon the PC and switch over.

Those who have read this article for a while will know that I am a Read the rest