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Making the most of Google


Whilst the development of the Google search engine has been pretty stagnant recently it is still my search engine of choice and this week I’ll be telling you how to get the most from it.I’m sure all of you at one stage or another have used Google ( although by just using limited search terms you are restricting the features on offer to you.Please note that the inverted commas are just used for the basis of making this article a little clearer and you wouldn’t type them in to Google.

-The most basic feature is to simply type in your search phrase – ‘herald express click article’ for example which will return a list of pages that contain some or all of those terms.

-If you type a phrase in to Google in between a pair of quotation marks then only pages with that exact phrase Read the rest

Web OS


It was suggested to me this week that perhaps I should do an article on the fairly recent developments in the field of web Operating Systems although I’ll be honest that I started out not really understanding the point of such a concept and even after researching this article I’m afraid to say that I still don’t.

A WebOS is a virtual Operating System that runs in your web browser.The term ‘Operating System’ is a little misleading as a WebOS is in fact a set of applications running in your web browser which together either mimic or supplement your existing desktop environment.

Obviously a WebOS is unable to replace your existing Operating System as all the existing functions present in an Operating System such as Windows are required in order to boot the PC and get it to a stage where you would be able to launch an Internet Browser.This Read the rest

Desktop Publishing


Back in the day I used to publish an amateur fanzine dedicated to the old school Commodore 64 computer and whilst it wasn’t the way most teenagers spend their time it was something I genuinely enjoyed doing.This was a fanzine which enjoyed worldwide, low scale distribution and those who are even slightly interested can still find some information about this 12 year old magazine by looking up ‘Zine 64 on Google as some of the articles were voluntarily archived by our readers online.

Rather than bringing you here to talk about the past, my reason for mentioning this old fanzine was that I used to spend a great deal of my life using the Serif PagePlus Desktop Publishing (DTP) utility to create the fanzine and since stopping publication I haven’t had the need to touch a similar piece of software.It occurred to me this week that I haven’t yet covered Read the rest



Last week I felt the need to burn some information on to DVD and having just recently formatted my hard drive and installed Vista I found that I didn’t have any recording software apart from the fairly basic functionality built in to Windows. Thinking this wasn’t a problem I headed to the Ahead website ( to obtain the latest version of the popular CD/DVD burning software Nero only to be greeted with a fairly hefty 190mb download.

I do have a fairly fast connection so such a download wouldn’t have taken a particularly long period of time but despite what anyone may say 190mb is a stupidly large download for a piece of recording software, no matter how good it may be.When you add to the equation the cost of Nero I went off in search of a suitable alternative and found it in the form of the Read the rest

Repetitive Strain Injury


Something which many IT people suffer from at one stage or another is Repetitive Strain Injury and although you wouldn’t have thought it could be very serious it can go on to cause a number of conditions from constant aches and discomfort through to permanent disabilities.

Whilst RSI which is a condition caused from repeatedly performing similar movements is not a new thing, it has become a great deal more common with the increasing use of computers.The symptoms of RSI can affect the neck, shoulders, back, arms, elbows and hands and vary from individual to individual.Pain is often encountered in any of these body areas and additionally the hands can be left with a feeling of weakness’ and fatigue along with numbness with loss of feeling and dexterity.

Luckily protecting yourself is relatively easy if you’re prepared to change your working patterns very slightly.As someone who has suffered pretty bad Read the rest

Printer page yields


It was just a couple of weeks ago that I discussed looking at the on running costs of any printer you were looking to purchase as the initial purchase price should only be the smallest part of the equation when choosing what to buy.It seems somewhat coincidental therefore that today I heard news regarding a new standard allowing consumers to compare the potential ongoing running costs was being pushed through by the Office of Fair Trading (OFT).

I hear a collective sigh as it’s assumed this could turn in to a shameless plug for my cartridge business but honestly, I really won’t go there today!

Until now printermanufacturers have used a variety of ways to measure how many pages a cartridge will print but after the OFT criticised the four big players (Epson, Canon, HP, Lexmark) over an alleged lack of transparency, consumers should now find it easier to compare Read the rest

Protecting yourself while shopping online #2


I’ve recently received a couple of questions regarding last weeks safe shopping article in which I discussed the bases that you could cover in order to protect yourself whilst shopping online.Below I have printed one such e-mail which raised a couple of unanswered questions:

I recently read your article supporting Internet shopping with interest as I have always feared shopping online because I have had friends whose cards have been “cloned”.You mentioned a couple of interesting points regarding the protection your credit card company will extend to you however I only have a debit card and so in your opinion would this be equally safe to use?

I am myself aware of checking that the site has padlock symbol on the bottom of the toolbar and that its website starts with ‘https’ but are there any other checks which would help?

Seán, Brixham

This is an interesting question and one Read the rest

Protecting yourself while shopping online


There are still a large number of people that are simply afraid to shop on the Internet which worries me somewhat as my livelihood is completely reliant on people feeling comfortable using their credit card details to order online.Not only is online shopping one of the most secure ways to shop but there are also a number of avenues available to protect you online and minimise the risk presented.


There are three pieces of relevant legislation that will protect you when shopping online.

-The Distance Selling Regulations which allow you send goods back for ANY reason whatsoever within seven working days of delivery.You do have to pay for the return of the goods though.

-The Sale Of Goods Act which allows you to obtain a full refund if the goods are not ‘fit for purpose’

-Finally, the Consumer Credit Act which means that if a retailer Read the rest

Cheaper Cartridges


Every now and again I see it fit to do a little self promotion although today this shameless promotion isn’t necessarily because I want it but rather I’m getting worried by the number of people that come to our trade counter asking for cartridges for particularly expensive printers.This is genuinely surprising because I have mentioned in Click a number of times about checking out the ongoing running cost of your printer before buying but this seems to be falling on deaf ears.

The ongoing running costs are an extremely important consideration and the analogy I like to use is that I wouldn’t go out and buy a ridiculously cheap car if I then had to fill up with petrol at cost of £10 a litre.It seems strange to me that when buying a new printer that consumers still look primarily at the initial purchase price of the machine rather than Read the rest



It’s been a while now since I’ve talked about a mobile phone in Click so with Apple unveiling the new iPhone I thought it was about time we looked at this eagerly awaited product.At last weeks MacWorld Expo many anticipated the announcement of this new phone along with a new version of the iPod but instead they saw a combination of the two devices in a single product.There is a large amount of extra technology thrown in for good measure which is why I feel this product deserves a mention in a predominately computer based article.

The iPhone looks very different to other mobile phones that we have become accustomed too as rather than using a keypad underneath a conventional screen the iPhone dispenses with buttons altogether.This has been achieved as happy have made the device essentially one big touch screen - The obvious advantage to this is that the Read the rest