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Being a guy who used to make a living from repairing computers, you might understand that I’m slightly cynical about the prospect of people repairing their own machines when things go wrong; if anything serious should happen then you’re certainly best off calling a professional.In my experience, a little knowledge in the wrong hands can be deadly and often attempting to repair your Operating System yourself will end in tears!

That having been said, I do certainly see the need for applications that can provide an element of automated system repair and preventive maintenance and one such application I recently discovered called Advanced WindowsCare fits that bill nicely.

The version of the software that I will be reviewing today is the free personal edition; however there is also a $29.95 professional version.Compatible with Windows 2000, XP and Vista, both versions can be obtained from, and with the personal Read the rest

Silver Surfers

One of the Switch guys from above Refresh was today talking about Christmas and how his 96 year old grandma who lives in Canada extended her wishes on the day via webcam.Hearing James talk about this made me wonder what kind of difference the Internet can make in the life of someone who would be considered to be of the ‘older generation’.As you might imagine, I look at the Internet through the eyes of a mid-twenty year old man; it’s only when I take a step back and look from a different perspective that I see the benefits for an elderly person are just as obvious.

Without a doubt, the main obstacle in the way of the majority of older people gaining access to the Internet is a working computer knowledge.Unfortunately getting on to the Internet requires the use of a PC, but in a generation that wasn’t bought up Read the rest


Some time ago I reviewed an application called GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) as I was getting tired of using Photoshop for relatively simple image manipulation tasks.One cannot deny that Photoshop is an extremely competent and extensive program but it is also extremely resource hungry and not to mention expensive; it seemed somewhat akin to using a sledgehammer to squat a mosquito.

GIMP is ideal for many home users as it is a small and free application which boasts a large number of features that would probably prove sufficient for who needs something slightly more than Microsoft Paint but less than Photoshop.My only reservation with the application was that the UI (User Interface) was a little bit inconsistent with the overall feel of Windows and as a result it takes a while to get to grips with and often feels alien to the average PC user.

This week I stumbled Read the rest

The Pitfalls of Refilling

I do try to keep shameless self promotion out of my Click articles however, as you are probably all aware, I run a business in the computer consumables field and as such there are events in my day to day life that often appear like they would make good computer based reading material.We have recently started offering a refilling service and as such my knowledge of this particular area has increased exponentially over the last couple of months making it the ideal focus of my article today.

Thanks to adverts such as those commissioned several years ago by JR Inkjet (the ones featuring motoring journalist Quentin Wilson), there are a great many people who believe that they are immediately qualified for the task.Whilst refilling is certainly good for both your pocket and the environment, it is also an exact art that when improperly executed can yield terrible results.

Many companies Read the rest

Browser Wars #2

We started last week by looking at the initial browser wars of the mid to late 1990’s which saw Microsoft triumphing over a very prolific company of the time, Netscape.For a long time Netscape enjoyed a huge share of the browser market before Microsoft developed Internet Explorer, gave it away for free and bundled it with their Windows Operating System.Netscape didn’t last long and even to this day the actions of Microsoft are the subject of many debates, not to mention court cases, concerning allegations over restriction of competition and the abuse of a monopoly power.

Microsoft, however, got complacent and left a massive gap between releasing Internet Explorer 6 in 2001 and Internet Explorer 7 in 2006.This left a void which allowed more advanced and capable browsers to get a foothold in the market, resulting in a second series of browser wars.

Despite Internet Explorer still being an integral Read the rest