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CD and DVD Formats

On a daily basis I’m still asked about the different forms of blank disc available on the market and the differences between them.For this reason I thought this week we would look back at all the commonly available disc based media formats and the differences between them; from the humble CD to the more recent BluRay and HD-DVD.

CD-R – Whilst the CD format has been available since the early 1980’s, the specification for the writable version (CD-R) was published further down the line, in 1988.Whilst available in a number of different variants, the most commonly available is the 700mb version with a write speed of typically 52x (52 times the speed of the original CD-R standard).Whilst they don’t offer the storage capacity of newer alternatives such as DVD, they are still ideal for storing smaller amounts of data, for example a music album.CD-RW is a rewritable variant of the Read the rest

Google Earth Part 3

Several years ago I looked at an application called Google Earth, a program which allows you to view literally any corner of this Earth from satellite imagery without even leaving your desktop.This is genuinely one of the most interesting applications that you will ever use and bizarrely, it is completely free of charge.

I was prompted to revisit this piece of software for a couple of reasons.Firstly, the map data has been completely updated and so whereas before the level of detail for Torbay and the surrounding areas was a little poor, you can now get right down to street level - I was even able to pick up the pot plants on the roof of Refresh. Additionally the Herald Express have kindly agreed to let me use pictures in future articles and because a picture is apparently worth a thousand words, I thought more would be encouraged to download Read the rest


I was listening to a representative of the Writers Guild of America bang on last week about how modern day film and television writers were unappreciated, and his theory that in the future they may avoid the major networks altogether and broadcast directly on to the Internet.This got me thinking about the future of conventional film and television so in order to do a little more research I started looking around on the Internet to see how close this was to becoming a reality.

I very quickly got sidetracked when I stumbled across an application called ‘Joost’ which is still in beta (testing) stage; after spending over an hour playing around I decided that it would make a good inclusion for Click.You may remember that, several years ago, I reviewed an application called TVexe which was good in principal but lacking in the design of the user interface.Joost is very Read the rest


With so many readers now using Windows Vista I thought it was about time that I focused on a fantastic little program that I’ve had on my hard drive for several months now called ‘Winbubbles’.This application is designed to help you quickly and easily customize your Vista installation by way of a small 350kb freeware download.

The URL to download the application directly is to long to easily print in this article so you are best of doing a search for it yourself; the quickest way I can suggest is to head to and do a search for Winbubbles or otherwise a quick Google search will locate it for you.After installing the application you will be able to customize pretty much any aspect of your Vista installation, including the following:

Windows Customizations:

·Enable Aurora Bootscreen guide – This will allow you to change the drab black Windows bootup Read the rest