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This week, regular reader Ian McMillan wrote to me noting a website which until now I haven’t mentioned.I have printed his letter below as I thought it would be of interest to anyone who regularly uses video sharing websites such as YouTube.

At the moment, my experience of high definition television and camcorders is confined to watching demonstrations in the shops and so I was interested to come across the website Vimeo ( are many video sharing websites (YouTube being the best known) but Vimeo if different in the fact that it has online videos in high definition.

A standard YouTube video has a picture of 320 by 240 pixels and mono sound whereas the videos on the Vimeo HD Channel are 1280 by 720 pixels (widescreen) and have stereo sound.As a demonstration of the difference, take a look at the video of San Francisco at the rest

Online Fraud #2

Last week I talked about the rather bizarre attitude that the police and banking institutions seem to have towards credit card fraud and how it has become the fastest growing form of crime in this country.

At present the issue simply doesn’t seem to be a focus of attention for the authorities, most probably because it isn’t something that is in the public eye.As long as consumers are protected and small businesses are left to pick up the tab then why should the police stop these people getting away with theft?

Unsurprisingly I don’t feel the same; if someone is stealing money off anyone, whether it’s a business or individual then they deserve to be caught.In an attempt to push this issue out further in to the public eye, I have below an e-mail from another local company which I received Read the rest

Online Fraud Part 2

This week I decided that enough was enough and that it was time for me to talk openly about online credit card fraud and the rather bizarre attitude that the police and card issuing companies seem to have towards it.

As you may or may not know, the Refresh Cartridges website is my primary source of income and it is this income source that I use to put a roof over my head and food on our table; as such I can get very protective.Earlier this week we had a number of people come on to the site and use card details which we later found to be fraudulent.At the time, the amounts weren’t exceptionally large and so being a company that sends out hundreds of cartridges on a daily basis we did the basic checks, thought nothing more of it and sent the goods.

I’d approximate that around £600 Read the rest

MacBook Air

We’ve established in previous articles that whilst I like the design and unique features of many Apple products my opinion of replacing all the PC’s in my life with Apple Macs isn’t a thought that I relish.That having been said, it would seem almost rude not to take a look at the Apple MacBook air which was released just a couple of months ago.

I have provided a picture with this article as to say that this laptop is thin simply wouldn’t do the machine justice; in actual fact the unit is 0.76” (1.93cm) at its thickest point and an amazing 0.19” (0.4cm) at its thinnest.Quite simply it looks absolutely gorgeous, and I can clearly see the target market being wealthy Londoners who want something vogue to show off in their local Starbucks.

Rather unsurprisingly, the small size comes with a couple of drawbacks; mainly price and functionality.The former comes Read the rest