2012 Cyber Security Research Report

Over half of security and IT professionals are under the belief that their company will be the target of an advanced attack within the next 6 months. This is no small fear, and neither is it something to take lightly. With a quick look at the state of internet business and digital commerce, anything and everything business related is going digital and that only means that any business, but especially larger ones, have that many more opportunities to be hacked. Whether it is general business operations through a digital document sharing platform, or automated financial informatin systems, businesses can’t avoid doing business on the internet, but also can’t avoid the cyber security risks that come with it. This up to date Research Report about Cyber Security gives several meaningful statistics and many additional fascinating facts about the state of Cyber Security today, from who is most concerned, geographic hot zones, and tips on how to respond to cyber security risks.

This infographic was made by Bit9, the leader in Endpoint Security and Advanced Threat Protection, and the authority behind the 2012 Cyber Security Research Report.