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New Blackberry 10 OS

The BlackBerry smartphone company has been struggling ever since the iOS and Android smartphones entered the market. BlackBerry has been doing its best to gain new customers, and they might be able to with the new BB10 OS. BlackBerry is playing to its corporate market by introducing many new features that corporate workers and business owners will enjoy. While BB10 may not be a huge success with the consumer market, it has the potential to become a competitive OS in the business sector.


Personal and Work Mode

Perhaps one of the best new features is the ability to create two profiles. You can create a profile for work, and another profile for business. This is in response to the widespread fear of smartphones being hacked as the technology becomes more common. Hackers often go after popular devices, and smartphones are being attacked more frequently.


The ability to make … Read the rest

From T-Mobile and Orange to EE

The company behind Orange and T-Mobile, Everything Everywhere, has undergone a huge transformation, launching a new brand called EE. In terms of numbers of customers, they could already boast of being the largest network in the UK and now they can also lay claim to being the only true 4G network for at least the next year. Their new flagship stores opened on October 30th, the same day on which their 4G network went live and ended its test phase. This new high-speed network will cover 16 major cities in the UK by Christmas with the goal of being able to offer 4G to 70% of the population by this time next year. While this is all huge news to the UK phone-landscape, it has undoubtedly caused confusion amongst existing customers and has people wondering just what it is exactly that they’re being offered.

If you’re already signed … Read the rest

Apple iPad Mini

Again there is a revolutionary invention by Apple, iPad Mini. iPad Mini is just the smaller version of iPad. The word “smaller” might leave an impression that it will not be capable of supporting all the apps, which are supported by its elder brother iPad. However, let us make it very clear that all 275,000 iPad apps are supported by iPad Mini. Let us have a quick look at few of the features of iPad Mini, which might help you to know this device better.

The old traditional 10-inch screen has been reduced to 7.9-inch screen; it is sleek and has a glossy appearance. It weighs around 0.68 pounds and 7.2 mm thick that means it is 53 % lighter than its previous versions, which is great. Isn’t it?


If we have a look at the Kindle Fire HD, we can see that it has LTE connectivity which is … Read the rest

How Seniors Can Get the Best from the Digital Age

For most of us these days, using a computer has become a daily occurrence, so much so that many of us can’t imagine life without it. Completing work projects, checking correspondence, interacting socially and shopping online have all become part of our everyday existence, but not everyone has become part of the Digital Age. There is one significant group in our society which has been left behind by events, and it’s perhaps time to include them.

A significant number of the older members of our communities have little or no experience of computers, and will not be aware of the many benefits that regular internet usage can bring. In an era when we are encouraging young children to find their way around the web and to become increasingly au fait with everything computers can achieve, it seems a shame that we are neglecting those at the other end of the … Read the rest

Raspberry Pi: The Cheapest Computer to Date!

If we look few decades back, it was almost impossible to think of working with a computer without any proficiency of knowledge about it. Gradually, the developers made it simple by making use of a graphical operating system. Now, it is simpler yet by the invention of Raspberry Pi, it has been developed by a charity called Raspberry Pi Foundation. It is not more than the size of a credit card. The feature which makes it genuinely special is its ‘ease of use’, especially for the beginners. Another important factor is its price, which is either $25 or $35, depending upon the version. The price is good news for them who can’t afford to buy a usual desktop.

These days computers are important, as these have become important means for communicating, be it for business purpose or some personal need. We could assure you that Raspberry Pi … Read the rest

Advantages of Cloud Computing for the Home

Cloud computing not only transforms home computing, but the way we work and live. If that sounds overblown, consider how working from home and consuming entertainment have changed over the last few years. And the rise of the ‘Internet of Things’, which will co-ordinate internet connected devices, can make your home life more relaxing and enjoyable.

There are already lots of advantages to embracing cloud computing in your home, whether it’s for work, pleasure or managing your household.

Cloud Storage for the home:
One of the big early selling points of cloud computing has been the availability of cheap, plentiful storage space for photos, videos, work documents and anything else you can think of. Cloud storage providers include UK-based Memstore, along with U.S companies such as Dropbox, Amazon, Apple, Google and Microsoft.

It’s important to check out the various options and not just sign up to the most familiar brand … Read the rest

Android Security Apps

The more you rely on your android and its many apps to simplify your daily life, the more important it is for you to keep it safe from viruses and make sure you never lose it. The following apps serve this very purpose.

Where’s My Droid
- This is one of the oldest apps for phone locating. It has an easy to manage interface and an online Commander. You can find your phone by making it ring or vibrate or by using the GPS location feature. You can control it via WheresMyDroid.con, text your attention word, protect password, get notification of changed SIM card and it does not drain the battery of your phone. The premium version also offers a remote lock, remote wipe of SD card and phone data and a few more features. A tried and tested, reliable app.

- Lookout app scans your android automatically and … Read the rest

EE’s 4G Network Going Live On 30th October

4G finally goes live in the UK on the 30th of October heralding a new dawn of super-fast internet for Brits. After heavy delays caused by legal threats between the networks and legal threats within the industry, Orange and T Mobile’s owner, Everything Everywhere, has been granted permission by Ofcom to plough on ahead with the launch of the first LTE network on British soil over their existing 2G spectrum.

As part of the deal Everything Everywhere has been forced to sell off a chunk of this to Three Mobile so that they don’t have monopolistic control over the new technology. Next year, the other networks will get their pick of the airwaves as the government prepares to sell of the 4G spectrum. Unfortunately, however, Apple’s iPhone 5 will only work at full speed on the old 2G spectrum that will be available from EE and Three. If you’re … Read the rest

How Web Bugs Can Compromise Your Privacy

Any hidden web page object that is used to track visitors without being clearly visible is known as a web bug. They are invisible in order to covertly track a web visitor. If the object was visible, it would get in the way of the page, make visitors suspicious and probably be blocked. Scripts, iframes, images and other objects are used to create web bugs. The images and objects used generally don’t have any borders and are transparent though sometimes they merely blend into the background. The elements of web bugs are downsized to such a degree that the human eye simply cannot see them.


In addition, their tiny size means that their transfer rates will be all but unnoticeable. Visitors are tracked using cookies, IP addresses, header information and much more. Although web bugs may only track the visitor’s current page, there are bugs capable of going through … Read the rest

How to choose a domain name

The internet has changed the way we do business and a website is an essential part of any company. Whatever your business is, the internet is the easiest way to let the world know about your services. From multinational firms to small one man bands, if you don’t have a website, then you are losing out and somebody else is taking your potential clients. When you start a website, the first thing that you will need to decide upon is what you wish the address of your site to be. Websites all have an address and these are known as domain names. Choosing domain names is quite important as this is generally how people will find you and sometimes judge your worth before they even look at your site.

A good idea is to try and make your domain name close or the same as the name of your company … Read the rest