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Tips for using Google Analytics Effectively

Anyone who runs a website knows that data is everything. You need important information such as where your website’s visitors are coming from, what type of browser they’re using, as well as what pages they visit. To gather this data, the most popular and widely-used option is Google Analytics. Here are some great tips on how to use Google Analytics effectively with your website.

Getting Set Up

First things first, to even begin tracking website data, you need your own Google Analytics tracking code. This tiny piece of JavaScript can be copied and pasted into your source code and must be implemented before the <body> tag. Keep in mind that Google Analytics will only track the pages that have this code on it, so if you want it to track every page of your site, be sure to put it inside of the CSS file. After you have implemented the … Read the rest

Mobile Apps For Fundraising

Are you training to run a marathon for charity and want to check who has donated so far? Are you about to shave your head for a good cause and want to keep up with your fundraising totals? Raising money for charity is now easier than ever with mobile apps available to help you along the way while you are on the go.



There are several which are out in front of their competitors because of their ease of use and have many features available to make your life easier. JustGiving is a very popular way to gift money for various fundraising events as they reclaim Gift Aid on behalf of the charity, essentially making your donation worth more. Their mobile app is great for not only giving money to charity but also if you are one of the ones raising money. You can set up a page, … Read the rest

2012 Cyber Security Research Report

Over half of security and IT professionals are under the belief that their company will be the target of an advanced attack within the next 6 months. This is no small fear, and neither is it something to take lightly. With a quick look at the state of internet business and digital commerce, anything and everything business related is going digital and that only means that any business, but especially larger ones, have that many more opportunities to be hacked. Whether it is general business operations through a digital document sharing platform, or automated financial informatin systems, businesses can’t avoid doing business on the internet, but also can’t avoid the cyber security risks that come with it. This up to date Research Report about Cyber Security gives several meaningful statistics and many additional fascinating facts about the state of Cyber Security today, from who is most concerned, geographic hot zones, … Read the rest

What Is So Special About Microsoft One Note MX?

The Microsoft One Note MX is special as it has blended in with Microsoft Office to form the fourth main element. There is Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint and now there is OneNote MX. It has smoothly developed into the fourth pillar of the MS Office suite. Microsoft has gone a step further to put OneNote MX as the poster child of the new touch-friendly mobile Office. While we are aware that Word is a word processor and Excel, a spreadsheet program and PowerPoint is meant for presentations, the name OneNote is not clear as it is labeled differently.

The acronym, OneNote MX stands for “Metro eXperience” and there is no question about it being the coolest app in the Windows Store. Although most of the Windows 8 preview apps have miles to go before they are ready for primetime, the OneNote MX app is almost perfect. I am sure … Read the rest

No 4G for the Moment, but 2013 Promises Great Things for British Consumers

The sale of Britain’s 4G mobile spectrum just got a little bit more interesting today. Ofcom set out new proposals for making the airwaves available to the major network operators. They have claimed it includes measures to extend coverage to at least 98% of the UK population. Most strikingly today’s announcement on how the auction for the relevant spectrum will be handled provided room for a fourth bidder in the 4G network sales, most likely to be 3 Mobile.

Ofcom’s hand was essentially forced on this matter, as it knew that if it pressed ahead with the sale whilst only Everything Everywhere, Vodafone and O2 were ready then Three would end up taking them to court. It was going to get messy either way. Strangely, by delaying the auction, Ofcom might actually have chosen the quicker course to a 4G roll-out, as the complexities of Britain’s mobile industry would have … Read the rest

WordPress Blog Security

No one argues that blogs and blogging are in fashion lately. It’s very easy to have your own space to write especially when there are such platforms like WordPress. To have a successful blog is not only about a layout, catching title or interacting text. You should also think of your blog security to avoid huge problems with hackers and scammers. It’s not as hard as it might seem. I will list several main points that will help you to sleep calm at night.

• Don‘t be lazy to reset your default login name. A set login name for WordPress is Admin. Change it to something else but not the name you use when blogging. This simple advice will make hacker‘s work twice more difficult.
• Reset your password on regular basis. It is a very well known advice, alas, not everybody follows it. Use a complex password, do not … Read the rest

Top 5 Video-Sharing Apps for Your Smartphone

Remember when you needed an expensive, high-spec video camera, chunky tripod and pricey sound booth to capture a special moment or event? Thanks to super-clever developers and smart technology, those days now behind well and truly behind us – now all you need is a smartphone, a video sharing app and an internet connection to create a visual masterpiece you can share around the world.

Here are our top 5 picks for the hottest video-sharing apps on the current market:

  1. Viddy: Available on the iPad, iPhone and Android devices, Viddy is probably the most well known video sharing app on the planet at the moment. Quick and incredibly easy to use, Viddy allows you to post videos of up to 15 seconds in length on all the major social networks. Very similar to Instagram but for videos not images, Viddy allows you to edit your footage, change the colours and
Read the rest

Choosing the Right Broadband Package

Some of you may have been following the news recently and seen a lot of talk about the Government targets to have every household in the UK able to access a minimum of 2Mbps internet connections by 2015.

With this has come accusations of funding being favoured in the wrong areas, a general fear that rural communities could still be left behind and more importantly, much confusion and hullabaloo regarding which connection is best suited for such a task.

In reality many people don’t understand the broadband options available in their area, and less still understand how to get the most from them. Internet users in cities may be blessed with a range of choices from cable to SDSL. For those in rural areas the choice is less broad and the prospects of fast internet arriving in the near future are slim for many.

The days of the internet being … Read the rest

For the Love of Drawing

I first came across the Draw Something game when two of my friends were sat in the pub not talking to anyone, staring at the phones, typing and doing what appeared to be drawing! Well, my interest was piqued and I had to see what they were up to, and they were challenging each other on Draw Something.

Draw Something is an app-based game where players guess the picture being drawn by their opponent. It is best described as an online version of the classic board game Pictionary, where mobile and tablet devices have replaced pens and paper.

The success of the game is based on the fact that it can be played on a mobile phone or tablet and you can challenge friends (or people you don’t know) who aren’t in the same room as you! Or in the case of many, you can challenge friends sat in the … Read the rest

Reasons Why You Love And Hate Instagram

With over 30 million users and counting, Instagram has undoubtedly become a worldwide photo-sharing sensation. Since its creation back in 2010 and now under the ownership of Facebook, it’s one application that continues to either make eyes roll and others drool.

There’s no doubt people have an eternal love-hate relationship with Instagram. That’s why for this post, I took the liberty of jotting down the reasons why you love and hate it so much.

Why You Hate It

It’s too easy.

Nowadays, anybody can call himself or herself a photographer. All you need is a random photo, a filter that will go along with it and within a few clicks, Voila! You have an instant, seemingly “creative” shot that can practically imitate any other genuinely processed photograph.

It’s insulting.

It’s particularly offensive for those who practice manual labor to produce their photographs. There are the savvy film-camera aficionados and there … Read the rest