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Likely Top 5 Mobile Apps in 2013

For a company, mobile applications serve multifold benefits. Modern software can organizes work routines while on the go and allow corporate meetings without commuting.


These apps have added to the scope of communication, location tracking, learning, gaming and entertainment thereby causing a sudden boost in the mobile application development industry. They are fast gaining significance for companies who wish to promote their products and services to smartphone users.

Trend wise, it is the mobile game applications that are most popular in the mobile app stores. We expect more game applications will be created by mobile application development companies to engage users while teaching them more about business activity.

Most Popular Mobile Apps in 2013
We expect the following top applications to lead others in terms of popularity in 2013.

The most popular application of 2012, Facebook can be used to market a company’s products and services while keeping … Read the rest

Retro Review - Sega Game Gear

In 1991, Sega released the Game Gear. A technically superior handheld system that was supposed to go toe-to-toe with the immensely popular Nintendo Game Boy, the Game Gear was unable to beat its competitor due to several flaws and problems that impeded sales. While its historical impact isn’t quite as expansive as the Game Boy, this was still one of the best handheld systems at the time.

Historical Impact

Though the Game Gear was unable to beat Game Boy in terms of sales, it did mark a few firsts for Sega and for gaming in general.

This was one of the first handheld systems with a color screen. Game Boy just had a tiny black and green screen with poor contrast that was often difficult to see. Game Gear, on the other hand, had a full-color, backlit screen that was incredibly easy to see.

This was also one of Sega’s … Read the rest