3 Free Resources for IT Certifications

The IT market is saturated with professionals offering their services. Certifications are an absolutely necessary key to securing work in this market and having the most-up-to-date ones is of course extremely important! It can at times even compensate for a lack in work experience as it can show that we are skilled in the areas potential employers are looking for. On our journey of becoming more and more successful in IT, we need to know the cutting edge technologies to stay competitive.


Learning and expanding our resume makes us marketable and remaining up-to-date makes us more capable and valuable to our current or future employers. While many new professionals in the IT industry begin with the CompTIA A+ certification, working their way up from there to the Network+ and Security+ certifications from CompTIA, certifications vary depending on the chosen career path. For example, people in networking will be interested in Cisco certifications such as the CCNA certification or the CCNP certification. Others will want to expand their knowledge of Microsoft technologies with the MCITP certification yet others look for certifications like MCSE, VMware, PMP, CISSP, Oracle, CEH etc.


On our path of building our resume with these certifications we not only have to invest our time but also our money. This often proves difficult, especially if we are still looking for a job and our financial assets are low. However, thanks to the internet there are ways of finding free resources to support us cost effectively on our way of gaining these certifications.

1. Techexams.net

Tech Exams at https://www.Techexams.net, for example, is a reputable source for free online exam information, TechNotes, TechLabs, TechSims, practice exams, and resources as well as active forums for Microsoft’s MCSA MCSE MCTS and MCITP, Cisco’s CCNA CCDA and CCNP, CompTIA’s A+, Network+ and Security+, and infosec certifications such as CEH and CISSP. The forums are updated daily as well as all relevant notes, exam information and practice resources. All in all one of the best, if not THE best, source of free material for certications. It also has a great collection of links to relevant free magazines, top sites in IT, online degrees and exam vouchers. We also came across NETPICT, an awesome free network diagram tool, especially developed for IT students and teachers to create, save, export and share network diagrams using popular Cisco icons.

2. Learnthat.com

Another great free collection of resources and information can be found at https://www.Learnthat.com. They offer free online software tutorials in various topics, MCSE, certifications, popular computer software applications, and more.

3. Examguru.net


On our quest of finding more free support for gaining certifications in the IT field we also discovered the „examguru“ which proved to be another brilliant site filled with accurate study guides for major IT Certifications, free actual tests, real exam questions etc. at https://www.examguru.net. Well worth checking out!


Bob Thompson is a writer for Monitor.Us providing free website monitoring & network monitoring.