5 Android Apps for Businessman

Android apps are mobile software designed to run on android operating system which has become the most popular platform in tablets and other mobile devices. Since the introduction of android platform hosted by Google, more than 350,000 android apps have been made available and easy to download from Google Play online store.
Majority of android apps offer a businessman platform to address his/her business issues professionally. Here is a list of 5 Android Apps for businessman.

1. Google Drive
Take charge of your businesses’ productivity using this android app. It gives you storage of up to 5 gigabytes encouraging you to save everything including your businesses’ documents in any format. These files are available offline hence accessible without the need of a mobile data bundle. Google drive can take a photo of printed text and converting it to a Google document and sync files with your PC.

2. Dolphin Browser HD
This is another powerful web browser for your android giving a businessman quality and fast access to the internet. It offers a multi-tab functionality letting you open more than one webpages in several tabs. Switching between these tabs is much easier making this browser look like the usual home desktop browsers. Products’ blogs can be uploaded to your business site using this app. It also offers businessman an opportunity to post links and blogs about their products for the purpose of online marketing. Other features include multi-touch zooming, bookmarking, versatile add-ons and optional mobile view.

3. Cam-Scanner
This app turns your android phone into a fax machine and a document scanner. It gives you the ability to scan multiple pages of a document including receipts, business and membership cards, books and magazines, bills and other relevant business documents deemed important. Documents scanned using Cam-Scanner can be faxed via the internet. Some of such documents can be merged into using this app to save on space and enhance accessibility.

4. Olive office Premium
This android app is the same as MS Office used on home desktop computers. With this app you can create, edit, save or delete office files such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint Slides describing your products and services as a businessman. Blogs to be posted on your website can be generated using this app without the need of a home desktop computer. This is a premium version app and is therefore completely different from any other. Olive office premium helps you keep track of your documents on your android phone with full MS office support.

5. PicsArt Photo Studio Pro
This is probably the only free camera app in the market that has more functions and photo effects than any other photo editing app. It comes with a PicIn network support feature through which as a businessman can edit and upload his products’ images to his/her business website. Sharing of images is possible through the PicIn plugin network and other social networks like Twitter and Facebook. In addition to this great feature, the app has filters such as cartoonizer and sketcher that allow users to make drawings and animations of your products and business easily.


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