5 Cool Mouse Operations You Can Use In Windows

Here are five windows operations that you can use on some occasions with windows or associated software.


1 - Open new links in brand new tabs on Windows Internet Explorer


If your mouse has three buttons - then use the middle one to open new tabs. Hover the mouse pointer over the link and press the mouse wheel to open up new tabs. All you need to do is place the mouse pointer over a link and then press down on the middle mouse button (the mouse wheel).

The middle mouse button is able to roll forward or back, however, it is also able to be pressed down and clicked just like a button. If you do this on a link then it will open up that link in a new tab. This is a lot quicker than pressing right-click and clicking on “open in a new tab.” It is an easier way to research certain items by simply clicking in order to open new tabs.

If you are feeling the super lazy you can hold CTRL and press Tab to scroll through your tabbed windows - or you can even hold Alt and press Tab to see a screen of windows - which shows all of the items you have active at the moment, including your tabbed windows.


2 - You may find hidden menus within context menus on Windows


Some article and icon buttons on Microsoft Windows may be right-clicked on to reveal a context menu. Some icons you are able to hold shift upon in order to reveal an even bigger listed menu. You should try it on your hard drive file. This is a very nice little trick to use if you are a hardcore windows user.


3 - You are able to select columns of text with some Windows applications


On some applications you are able to select text on a vertical level as opposed to on a horizontal level. You do this by holding the ALT key and then dragging the mouse across the text you would like to highlight. This may be done on some versions of Microsoft word and many advanced editors that word have created. You will even find that you can use this technique on the fantastic code writing software known as Notepad++.


4 - You are able to drag and drop items into some menus


When you right click on the bottom taskbar/icon bar, a contextual menu pops up. In many cases whilst this menu is open you are able to grab certain icons and add them in there. For example if you right clicking the folder icon on in the bottom left of the taskbar (next to the start menu), you will see a list of your most recent file accesses.

Click and hold onto an icon on your desktop and drag it into the open menu to pin it to the folder menu. Every time you right-click the folder you will see two lists. One list is your usage and the other is the list you created. You can use this instead of having to search through the directories on your computer to find files.


5 - Sometimes you are able to select chunks of text.


If you would like to select a big chunk of text, you can hold the CTRL button and highlight the section of text whilst avoiding the other end selected texts pieces. This is a nice alternative to having to highlight in a horizontal direction only, because the horizontal selection process is all-inclusive and does not allow you to omit certain parts of text.


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