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In the current climate I feel it mandatory for me to somehow tie Click in this week with Euro 2004; much in the same way that I did last week.At the time of writing it is Thursday afternoon and we are just hours away from playing Portugal so if when you’re reading this we have lost then I apologise that this article will be somewhat irreverent for most of you.If we have beaten the Portuguese however then the website I am about to recommend today will be of great interest to all you football fans and judging on the amount of flags attached to cars in the bay it would be safe to say that is around 90% of you.

Doing a quick search on Google I came across the site which is packed full of news regarding every aspect of International football as well as focusing on our Premiership and Division one teams.Upon entering the site you are greeted with a number of drop down menus which allow you to sort the news into the categories that most interest you; so for example you can choose to view only news regarding Euro 2004 or news or on the other end of the scale you could choose to only view news relating to Leeds United.

The next drop down menu allows you to view fixtures and results for all divisions as well as live scores and video highlights for all major matches, there is also the option accessed via an additional menu to view all club and division statistics; past as well as present.

Of course the main interest to us today (or perhaps not if we did lose on Thursday) is the Euro 2004 section of the site which has the obligatory news section as well as a number of amusing little features such as a section which teaches you helpful phrases such as “No, Mr Policeman, that is not a head-lock - it’s a hug” in Portuguese, a section on the history of Euro, a day by day roundup of events as well as a number of other little titbits.There is a forum for members to participate in, interviews with the players, Football365 opinions section, a fun and downloads section as well as the obligatory bettings section.

All in all this isn’t a particularly exciting review to write as this site just contains pretty much anything you could need when looking for football related information with the obvious exception of anything relating to local football; nothing more, nothing less. It is all paid for by advertising so there is no reason not to take a look but as a downside is that some of the advertising is far, far too intrusive with adverts for McDonalds and the like appearing all over the site; often right in front of the text you are trying to read.It is quite bearable but it would have been nice to have seen the adverts nicely confined to one side of the page.

If you even have the slightest interest in how this competition is moving along, check it out at


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