Android Security Apps

The more you rely on your android and its many apps to simplify your daily life, the more important it is for you to keep it safe from viruses and make sure you never lose it. The following apps serve this very purpose.

Where’s My Droid
- This is one of the oldest apps for phone locating. It has an easy to manage interface and an online Commander. You can find your phone by making it ring or vibrate or by using the GPS location feature. You can control it via WheresMyDroid.con, text your attention word, protect password, get notification of changed SIM card and it does not drain the battery of your phone. The premium version also offers a remote lock, remote wipe of SD card and phone data and a few more features. A tried and tested, reliable app.

- Lookout app scans your android automatically and prevents malware and viruses while running in the background. Daily or weekly scans can also be scheduled. There are free Backup and Restore features and this app is also useful for locating your phone if it is lost or stolen because of its Find My Phone feature (it locates the phone on Google maps). This is especially useful in situations when your phone is on silent mode as a loud alarm can still be activated via phone. The premium version features Remote Lock and Wipe which securely locks your phone.

avast! Mobile Security - This free app boasts a Virus Scanner that enables on-demand scans of all apps that you install on the device and SD card. Access rights and intents of installed apps are displayed as part of the Privacy Report feature which prevents potential risks from harming your phone. There is also the Anti-theft component which is hidden and which gives you remote control via SMS or Web (activating siren, cell-phone tracking, memory wipe option etc.) in case your phone is lost or stolen. Other features include: Network Meter, Web Shield, Widget, SiteCorrect, SMS/Call Filtering, Battery Save, App Manager and more.

LastPass Password Manager Premium
- This app is simple and easy to use for securely syncing all your passwords across browsers and devices you use. Some of its key features include a built-in browser which automatically fills-in all your login info, automatic filling-in of forms, secure password generator and adding, updating and deleting secure notes and sites. With camera and audio permissions you can also add images and audio recordings to secure notes as attachments.

Kaspersky Mobile Security
- Just as it does to your PC, Kaspersky also protects your android, delivering real-time protection from viruses, spam, malware and even unwanted calls and SMS text. It also provides instant, cloud based scanning of downloaded apps. There are anti-theft features as well- remotely disabling, cleaning and finding your phone using Google Maps- even if someone replaces your SIM card. This all-in-one app further includes privacy features by which you can control what others see and access on your phone and keep designated incoming calls and texts hidden.

Security apps should be the primary components of your apps menu. Hopefully, this list will help you choose the ones that will protect your device to the highest degree and still be quick and easy to use.

About the Author - Ella is writer and blogger, loves to explore and write about various technology and internet trends.Currently writing for Mobile Shop Blog about everything related to Android apps and features.