There is one man who has managed to keep me sane over the past years of working in front of a computer day in, day out and he goes by the name is Chris Moyles.Whilst I used to enjoy his afternoon show on Radio One which kept me distracted between the hours of 2pm and 5pm he now does the morning show which runs from 7am to 10am which means that normally I’d miss a large proportion of it either sleeping or getting ready for work.My reason for telling you about my radio listening habits is that I have been able to listen to this show later than billed by visiting the BBC’s website and after having a look around I think it’s a worthy site for a review in Click.

On visiting you are instantly provided with the days news bulletins and weather along with a number of navigation options to browse the separate BBC services such as their range of television and radio channels.By staying in the news section of the site you can get detailed stories of the day which are often accompanied by video or sound clips to enhance the browsing experience.

By clicking on the TV section of the site you are then provided with highlights of programmes that will be featuring on the BBC’s primary eight channels along with the option of getting a detailed TV listing for the day.Individual channels can be selected so that you can locate a favourite program and once located you will be able to head to a mini-site dedicated exclusively to that particular program which will provide you with further information about the program, its cast, an episode guide and so on.Certain programs have been uploaded to the site so that you can either watch them again or in some cases you can view the program in advance of its official screening on TV.

If I get back to the inspiration for this review, by clicking on the Radio section of the site you are presented with a list of the various BBC radio stations and once one of these has been selected you are presented with an area of the BBC website with all the information that you could possibly need regarding the programming on that station, the DJ’s and a whole wealth of further information.All of the DJ’s have their own mini sites which give you information regarding the team, a live webcam, upcoming features and the ability to listen to the show either live (where applicable) or repeat a previous show that has already been aired.I can’t count the number of silver surfers I’ve met that use this website to catch up with previous episodes of the Archers present in the Radio Four mini site.

The ‘where I live’ section of the site prompts you to enter your postcode and then provides information specific to your area; for example by typing in my postcode I was led to the BBC Devon site which contains pictures, videos and audio clips about our county along with news, sport, travel and community information.

Whilst I don’t appreciate the way that the BBC is funded by a license fee that we’re forced to pay rather than by advertising I cannot deny that this is a good site that deserves a place in the bookmarks section of any Internet browser.The amount of information available online is simply to vast for me to even attempt to cover in this small article – If you have a few hours on your hand head to, take a look around and then I’m sure that you’ll find at least something that will make you want to visit again.

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