Starting out as a Webdesigner

This article is aimed at giving some rudimentary tips and guidelines which help in making a website designing business a successful one.

Starting off a new business is as critical as it is exciting. Yes, it does give you the much cringed for independence, however, along with it comes responsibility. Establishing your own Website designing company can sometimes be a formidable task, mainly because, you are a Greenhorn in a situation where there have already been pioneers.

Nevertheless, it isn’t impossible to become a business magnate if the following simple tips are kept in mind.


Attitude goes a long way
Obvious as it may seem, the right kind of attitude is the harbinger of wealth and prosperity. Setting up a web-based business is comparatively easier than other businesses, but it requires a lot of patience and retrospection. Things take time to get going, and you must be motivated throughout your journey to pull through the odds.

It is also vital that you think of your web design business as a job. It goes without saying that your image and conduct should, without a doubt, always be professional. This goes for your website as well. An exclusive domain has to be purchased, for both, your website and your email ids. Acquire all the requisite business stationery including business cards, letterheads, envelopes etc. And have a separate business account for the financial transactions.

Another important thing to bear in mind is to ensure that your language is impeccable while drafting letters or business emails. It leaves a lasting impression on the client’s mind if there are any mistakes in your own communication. Always project confidence and competence.


Time Management
Time management is not just an essential when it comes to business. It is important for anything and everything. Managing time effectively ensures a healthy work environment and better productivity. It also means more money! If you can pre-set the number of hours you dedicate to your business development, on your on-hand projects and research activities, there will never be any problem with respect to effective utilisation of time. However, some flexibility is always advisable when it comes to business from time to time.


Goodwill through Client Relationships
The maximum business that you will get from is your existing client base. It is nice to look for new clients always, but one should remember never to leave your existing clients unattended. They will recommend you to others and also select you for further services as well. Always understand their requirements, give them the best of services and bespoke web designs. Never over-price your services and always exceed their expectations.

A happy customer is worth 2 prospective ones. If you can show them how much you care for their business you’d be surprised at how much they’d care for yours.


Whether it is word of mouth or social networking platforms, do not restrain yourself from spreading awareness about your brand/organisation and the services provided by you. Exploit social forums, communities, trade fairs, business summits and just about anywhere, to propagate your name. You never know where business can come from.


Blog about various things in your domain. Put up a blog on our website itself, where people can read the necessary information. If you write good articles continually, not only will it give you a better page ranking, it will also bring in more and more people to your website who are actually your target audience and are looking for the services that you are providing. This is an inexpensive way to reach your target audience.


Technical Proficiency
Always attempt to better yourself in whatever you are doing. Try to get hold of the latest technologies and practice it. Try increasing your portfolio in every possible way. If you get stuck somewhere, ask questions on social forums for support. If you know the answers to someone else’s questions, then answer them.

Basically, do not “Stagnate”. Stay dynamic, learn new things, and master what you already know.


That being said, one should always remember that setting up your own website development company in London or anywhere else in the world, is an on-going process. You cannot adhere to the above tips initially and forget about them in the later stages. This has to go on. Face the challenges and turn them into better opportunities. Never hesitate to seek help from online forums.

Always invest in the best quality equipment and technologies. That pays off in the long run. You can easily work out of your home, garage, or even your car, but you cannot work with cheap technology. Stay dedicated and motivated, and see your business boom!

It’s possible to set up a web design business from home very quickly with just a laptop, phone, and an internet connection. However, you will need to employ all the above skills and more to succeed. But, once up and running, a web design business can afford you with one of the best and most fulfilling professional lifestyles.


About the author - Bryan is a professional web designer at Viteb who are a Web Design Company in London