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The latest iPhone 5 rumours have taken a surprising turn.

It’s iPhone season again, just in case you hadn’t noticed. We’ve been bombarded by hundreds of supposed leaks, photos, videos, rumours and educated guesses. All of these have been promising additions, changes, new features and the like, but it seems in recent days like the rumours have been going in the opposite direction.

Let’s take a sample. First, after months of speculation, it seems that Apple has finally chosen not to include NFC in their new iPhone 5. There was a wide assumption that they would do so, seeing as Passbook e-wallet functionality has been baked into the new iOS 6 software. It’s a feature that the iPhone’s main rivals include as standard. The choice not to include it seems like a regressive step. The technology is certainly ready even if the customers aren’t. It isn’t even prohibitively expensive, so they can’t claim it’s to do with keeping costs down. … Read the rest

Useful iPhone Apps To Help With New Borns

With the availability of technology in today’s world, it’s a lot easier to become parents. There are a lot of gadgets, appliances and even phone apps to help you raise your newborn. Here are some of them.

Baby Shusher

It’s true that your little bundle of joy elicits a lot of smiles from you and your family but when your baby starts crying nonstop, your nerves just get the best of you. Most of the time, the family gets exhausted from taking turns to take care of the baby and from lack of sleep. The Baby Shusher app was developed by parents who know exactly what you’re going through.

The Baby Shusher uses an ancient technique that is both doctor-tested and approved to help soothe your baby. This app has been researched and tested with real moms and babies for two years. How does it work? It gives out a … Read the rest

Top 5 Photography Apps For Your Phone

Nowadays you don’t need an expensive DSLR to have fun with a camera – here’s a few apps you can download to get you feeling more snap-happy using your mobile phone.

1. Instagram

It comes as little of a surprise that Instagram has found a place on the list. Developers Burbn Inc claim that their app is enjoyed by 50 million people, and once you play with it a bit yourself you can’t help but believe them.

Instagram is available on iPhones, iPads, iPods and the more recent Android devices, and allows you to apply a multitude of filtered effects to your photos before sharing them on Facebook, Twitter and other social media websites.

Best of all is that the app is completely free, so you can inject some life into your snaps as often as you like.

2. 360 Panorama

As the name may suggest, 360 Panorama is an … Read the rest

iPhone Games

I declared quite publically around a year ago that I was refusing to select an iPhone as my next contract phone, not due to the fact that I consider it a poor piece of technology but rather that it would have immediately made me ‘one of those’ people.

You know the type; you’re busy minding your own business but they’ll sit next to you and force you to endure a daily demonstration of the latest app that they’ve downloaded. They do this with such a self assured smugness that you’d swear that they’d invented the iPhone, not had it handed to them by their mobile phone provider.

I am starting to get a little envious however…..

It seems there are more to these apps than initially meet the eye; after years of dominance, both the Sony PSP and the Nintendo DS portable games consoles are starting to lose ground to, … Read the rest

Apple Mac OS X ‘Snow Leopard’

This autumn could provide an interesting shake up of the Apple vs. PC debate which has been raging for decades as both Microsoft and Apple unleash their new Operating Systems in to the world.

Windows 7 is due for release on the 22nd October however Apple announced on Monday that the release date of OS X ‘Snow Leopard’ had been bought forward from early September to Friday 28th August - the publication date of this column.

After covering the release candidate of Windows 7 some weeks back I will this week attempt to cover the Apple offering. I don’t own a Mac or the developer version of Snow Leopard and, as such, the overview will be a culmination of what is known by the community so far which, owing to the usual Apple intense secrecy, is relatively little.

It would appear that Apple hasn’t concentrated so much on … Read the rest

iPhone Part 2

Whilst I dedicated an article to the iPhone when it was first announced I haven’t touched on the subject since.This was until my Sony handset broke a few weeks back and for what seems like an eternity whilst I wait for it to be repaired, I’ve been left using a four year old girly pink clamshell Samsung phone borrowed off my girlfriends sister.

The fact I’m now using a handset which I’m afraid to use in public for fear of ridicule has somehow made me appreciate how much of a statement your mobile phone makes about you; similar to the watch on your wrist or the shoes on your feet.Whilst I have never considered such things particularly important and would never advocate living your life by third party perspective, I doubt I would ever go out wearing a watch won from an arcade grab machine or a pair of plastic Read the rest

MacBook Air

We’ve established in previous articles that whilst I like the design and unique features of many Apple products my opinion of replacing all the PC’s in my life with Apple Macs isn’t a thought that I relish.That having been said, it would seem almost rude not to take a look at the Apple MacBook air which was released just a couple of months ago.

I have provided a picture with this article as to say that this laptop is thin simply wouldn’t do the machine justice; in actual fact the unit is 0.76” (1.93cm) at its thickest point and an amazing 0.19” (0.4cm) at its thinnest.Quite simply it looks absolutely gorgeous, and I can clearly see the target market being wealthy Londoners who want something vogue to show off in their local Starbucks.

Rather unsurprisingly, the small size comes with a couple of drawbacks; mainly price and functionality.The former comes Read the rest


It’s been a while now since I’ve talked about a mobile phone in Click so with Apple unveiling the new iPhone I thought it was about time we looked at this eagerly awaited product.At last weeks MacWorld Expo many anticipated the announcement of this new phone along with a new version of the iPod but instead they saw a combination of the two devices in a single product.There is a large amount of extra technology thrown in for good measure which is why I feel this product deserves a mention in a predominately computer based article.

The iPhone looks very different to other mobile phones that we have become accustomed too as rather than using a keypad underneath a conventional screen the iPhone dispenses with buttons altogether.This has been achieved as happy have made the device essentially one big touch screen - The obvious advantage to this is that the Read the rest