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Telewest Broadband

I am often asked for my opinions on the different broadband suppliers available and every time I am forced to say that by far the best broadband product that I have ever come across would have to be the one provided by Telewest.Unfortunately it doesn’t get a great deal of publicity by any of the major magazines or papers as it isn’t available for everybody; only those in a Telewest area.This of course means that there will be a number of people reading now who will not be able to receive the service that I’m about to talk about but those that can Read the rest

Sasser Virus

This week I’ve been considering setting up a dating agency for virus programmers; in my opinion if we could get them out of the house and into social circles then they wouldn’t spend their Saturday nights creating viruses such as the Sasser worm which I’ve had to spend this week removing from various computers around the bay.Unfortunately I believe this could be a short lived dating agency as I’d imagine that the majority of virus programmers would be spotty adolescent boys but it’s still something worth thinking about nevertheless.

Anyway, there is no time to be bitter, the Sasser worm is out in Read the rest

Fitness and Weight Loss

There comes a time in every mans life where he feels it’s about time that he got himself back into shape; for most men this urge lasts for a couple of days before the beer and fags take over and he is back at stage one but in my instance this feeling has lasted for a whole 10 days now.I remember back in my youth when I used to spend pretty much an hour a day playing squash for a period of around 3 years and I never felt run down or tired.Now if I were to have a single session on a Read the rest

Reader question.

Once again I’ll be spending this week answering a question recently sent in by one of my readers.

Just to inform you that I recently bought a #17 Black cartridge from Lexmark for my Lexmark X1160 printer from Argos in Torquay, I am very disappointed with the Lexmark brand as it seems to have lasted only Read the rest


Regular reader Jean Birkett e-mailed me this week commenting on the fact that Tiscali Broadband had now put their prices down and asked me since her modem was currently trundling along at 26.4kbps was it worth her now upgrading to broadband? Although I replied to her with a simple ‘yes’ I thought that since I hadn’t touched on the subject of Broadband for a while I would elaborate on this slightly to make an entire article out of my reply.

Broadband in the UK has been catching on quite nicely over the past couple of years with exchanges being activated left, right and Read the rest

Whilst you’re reading this weeks Click article, please spare a thought for me as I’m more than likely stuck behind an extremely slow moving caravan on the A303 on my way back from London at this precise moment.Luckily you don’t all have to spend your bank holiday weekend in such an unfortunate fashion; there is plenty of exciting stuff that you can do in your few days off and all you need is someone to point it out to you.

A site I’ve reviewed before in the past ( has currently got a special topical section dedicated to Easter breaks.Of course, Read the rest

Music converter

Being quite fond of both music and driving I went out last year and bought myself a shiny CD player for my car which could read CD’s crammed full of MP3’s.This meant that rather than reading the CD in the usual way, the player was able to read compressed MP3’s that I’d put onto the disk from my PC and typically using this format I was able to store around a dozen albums on one CD.This comes in handy as when driving you don’t want to be fishing about around locating and changing over CD’s as obviously this could result in a nasty accident.

This player wasn’t cheap and for best part of a year I have been more than happy with this it although now my flatmate has gone out and bought one for himself which can play WMA files I’m finding that all the (legitimately acquired) music that Read the rest

Opera browser

After this instalment of Click many readers may be convinced that I’m on a mission to replace all the Microsoft products on your computer with those created by other manufactures but you would be quite wrong.Whilst it is true that I quite often suggest alternative products to those such as Media Player which are built into Windows, it is for good reason and certainly not anything against Microsoft.I do believe that for technology to continue to progress that there should always be a great deal of competition and unfortunately if everybody sticks to the software included as part of Windows then this simply Read the rest

Removing start-up programs

I think in the past I’ve mentioned about the importance of keeping track of all the applications the Windows loads automatically on start-up as having an abundance of them can seriously slow down your machine.Your PC has a set amount that it can process and obviously if you have a lot of stuff that you don’t really want loading when you start the PC and then staying in the background performing pointless activities then your computer will inevitably slow down.It is akin to buying a brand new sports car and then loading it up with 400 bricks before the start of every journey.Read the rest

Winamp add-ins

A couple of weeks ago I suggested that you download the fantastic Winamp 5 ( as a possible alternative to Windows Media Player which is a program, although perfectly capable and indeed free, could do with some enhancing.For those of your with your heads thoroughly in the sand I should state that the core function of both the programs listed above is to allow you to play media (audio/visual) files on your PC.

What I didn’t realise until a reader Ian McMillan pointed it out to me was quite how many skins were available to customise the program to suit your particular taste.On Read the rest