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Readers Questions Part 13

Once again I’m taking the time out this week to help my readers with any problems they’ve been experiencing.

I am writing to take up your offer of advice made in your column in the Herald Express.I have a problem with my PC and need to re format it, which means I will lose everything on it.

I can write all my documents etc to a CD and write those back on when the system is reformatted, no problem.The problem I have is with my Outlook Express, this contains files containing a huge amount of emails which are vital and I cannot afford Read the rest

BT Backup

It is very rare that BT does something to impress me but this week has been an exception.For some time now I have been worried about what were to happen if my computer were to fail; I’ve made the occasional backup onto DVD-R but apart from that I’m pretty much unprotected should my computer crash, were stolen or destroyed.Backing up onto physical media such as a CD/DVD or tape has a number of drawbacks, most notably that if the physical media is kept in the same location as the computer itself then should the building be burnt down or ransacked by a burglar Read the rest


As those who know me will testify, I’m always the fan of the underdog - If there are two companies developing products then you’ll always see me routing for the smaller of the two for several reasons.I believe that as long as you have two serious competitors then a market will never become stagnant as there’ll always be someone upping the ante.In the business world a monopoly is a very dangerous thing for a company to hold and when I hear about a smaller company biting at the heals of a larger counterpart it brings a smile to my face.

This is especially Read the rest

Google Toolbar

As many of my readers will know, Google is by far my favourite search engine and a free tool that has been available for all users of Google for some time now certainly deserves a mention in Click.The Google toolbar which is available from is a small utility which integrates and becomes an add in for Internet Explorer which adds a number of features to your browsing experience.Some of which I’ve highlighted below:

-Pop up blocker: By far my favourite feature; quite simply the Google toolbar sits in the background and prevents websites from popping windows up whilst you’re browsing the Internet.These windows are more than likely to contain adverts and Read the rest

Pigment Based Inks

In the business I’m in there has been a lot of talk recently about ‘pigmented ink’ going into printer cartridges and although not many people actually know what pigmented ink is, it seems that everyone is being told that they want it.I thought it was time to inform people of the benefits of pigmented ink as it is a very exciting development in inkjet printer design and so it is worth knowing what it can offer you.

Conventionally printer cartridge inks have been dye based which consists of de-ionized water as the solvent, isopropyl alcohol or glycol as the drying agent, and dye base to provide the colour.There are a couple of major Read the rest

Nokia N-Gage

I remember the days when a mobile phone was exactly what it said on the tin; my very first mobile was a Nokia 5110 which I purchased shortly after they first came out and at the time it was an incredible phone – ‘lightweight’, ‘well specced’ and ‘user friendly’ although by modern standards it is considered heavy and very under featured.Some of the older generation who remember when a mobile phone weighed approximately the same as a fully grown badger would say that I’m wrong to mock my very first mobile but when I compare it to the models available on the market Read the rest

Search Engine Optimising #3

After following the last 2 weeks articles you should be in a position where you’ve optimised your site for the search engines, successfully submitted it and worked out a strategy to enable your site to be picked up by all the smaller engines by creating a number of links to your site from external pages which the search engines can follow.

This week we’re going to look at ways to monitor how your search engine optimisation is going as this will allow you to check that everything is working properly and also to improve the techniques you are using to create maximum exposure.Read the rest

Search Engine Optimising #2

Last week we started talking about how you can get your site listed well on the major search engines by following just a few simple rules, starting with how to optimise your page to be seen through the eyes of a search engine.This week we’re moving on by assuming that your site is now optimised but not listed and so we’ll be covering the tactics involved in getting the search engines to pay you that important initial visit.Listen closely and all will become clear.

-Arrange reciprocal links.Many search engines find sites to add to their databases through jumping from site to site Read the rest

Search Engine Optimising

Search engines are fickle beasts but ultimately you’re going to want to learn how to tame them if you have a website that you want people to be able to find.There are plenty of people out there with fantastic sites but unfortunately if they’re not listed in the search engines then even the best sites will more than likely remain undiscovered.Refresh Cartridges enjoyed a surge of hits recently when Google, the worlds most popular search engine placed our site at the top of their lists when a user searched for the word ‘cartridge’ - it stayed this way for 2 weeks before someone Read the rest

Anti Spy ware and Virus Checking

With all the Christmas and New Year celebrations and work that has resulted due to Christmas sales, I’m struggling to get everything tied up and so I thought it would be nice this week if I were to reprint an article I wrote months ago which many of my readers found particularly helpful but also many of you also missed.This essential piece of software mentioned below really should be downloaded and installed by everybody reading this article along with the free version of the AVG Anti-virus checker which I’ve also been recommending in the past year.

Quite a common complaint submitted by readers Read the rest