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Computer questions

Once again, I’m going to use this article as a forum for readers questions and comments especially the following question that has been submitted by a large number of my readers which relates to the Spybot ( program that I have been recommending that everybody download to remove ad ware.On the whole the response has been fantastic although there do appear to be problems on certain computers as the following reader will testify:

I was very interested in your article last week and promptly downloaded Spybot Search and Destroy.I thought that there was no problem until I tried to access it Read the rest

Computer cleanup Part 2

Once again, I’m going to use this weeks article as a forum for readers questions and comments.

Thanks for recommending the Spybot program.The amount of junk that it detected and cleaned up on my computer was incredible.There is a program called eAnthology which may be the most invasive program ever; It leaves bits and pieces of itself everywhere so even after it has been uninstalled it was no surprise when Spybot found more of it even though nothing was showing up in the Program Files.

Thanks again for your helpful column.

Ian MacMillan, via e-mail

I’ve had a lot of useful feedback regarding Read the rest

Epson CX3200

I’ve never been a big fan of multifunction devices for the PC; they include a scanner, photocopier and a printer all in built into one unit but I’ve found that they tend to sacrifice quality on all three components.The modern devices that have begun appearing on the market tend to be of good quality at a very low price and so it seemed appropriate that now I should do a review covering one such device, the Epson CX3200.

For just shy of £120 all inclusive from an online retailer such as you get a 5760dpi printer, a 600 x 1200 scanner and a fully featured photocopier which would of course cost you a lot more if you were to buy each unit separately.The unit connects to the computer via a standard USB port which means you simply plug it in, install the supplied software and you are ready to Read the rest

Computer cleanup

A niggling computer problem I’ve been living with recently just got a little too much and so the last 15 minutes have been spent looking for a solution which I thought may have been of interest to the majority of you.Specifically, the problem I was experiencing was a nasty piece of code called ‘’ which meant that whenever an incorrect website was typed in to the address bar that the website would appear filled with adverts.So, for example if I misspelt Google and typed in rather than then I would be subjected to blatant advertising rather than the screen that Read the rest

Talk to Frank - Drugs

A fairly controversial topic this week that’s sure to get me a couple of nasty e-mails but one that I feel should be touched on anyway - drugs.I do realise that this is a computer article in a local newspaper but the subject in question does have ties to both the local populous and the Internet as the focus of the article today is the website which has been heavily promoted recently on our local radio and TV.

Having heard the advert I thought that I’d take a look to see what all the fuss was about and was greeted with a Read the rest

Readers Questions Part 12

This week we have another bunch of answers to readers’ questions that have been recently posted to me via e-mail:

Chris, I do enjoy your articles in HE each Saturday and have picked up a great deal of useful info from you, especially the Free AVG Virus Scanner.I have visited your web site and will use it for ink when the time comes.

Is it possible that you could give me some advice with a problem that at present has me beat?My son-in-law has put together a very good website for the HMS Hermes Association of which I am a member and so Read the rest

Readers Questions Part 11

Just when I thought the subject of Broadband Torbay wouldn’t make an appearance in Click for some time then here it comes again, back with a vengeance due to a recent question that I’ve received.

We are a couple of ‘silver surfers’ who both enjoy using our computer, e-mailing and surfing the web (all self taught) and are able to do this with the help of our three knowledgeable offspring who answer most of our queries from afar and who indeed occasionally pop down to ‘upgrade’ or put new programs on that we feel we need.We have, for example just been introduced to Read the rest

Readers Questions Part 10

Once again I plan to help local readers out by answering a selection of computer questions that have recently been forwarded to me.

I enjoy your Click article in the Herald every week and have picked up some useful tips.I am not a very competent PC user and I have a question I am sure you can help me with.

When using my scanner the message always comes up “scanning at less than optimal speed” and suggests getting into system BIOS and set the I/O to EPP mode.I have no idea what this means but lately I haven’t been able to scan anything Read the rest

Why Recycle?

Sorry to start off this article with what may seem like a blatant an advert but those of you who have looked at our website will have found that although we sell compatible cartridges for Epson, Canon, Xerox and most other printers, those made by HP or Lexmark are branded as ‘reconditioned’ cartridges.What exactly does reconditioned mean and how does it affect you?

Hewlett Packard and Lexmark have patented the head design on their cartridges so it is illegal for compatible cartridge companies to make low cost copies of them.Epson, Canon and the other manufactures cartridges don’t actually contain a print head; they Read the rest

Readers Questions Part 9

Once again I’m going to take the time out to answer a selection of readers’ questions that I have received recently:

I do a regular disc clean up as I have no got a very large hard disc, and come across a file called INDEX in my temporary internet file\content.IE5\.I see it contains 1.5 MB so would like to clear it but am unable to access it.It has only appeared since I upgraded to Windows ME but I suspect is has been lurking elsewhere under another guise and so I would appreciate any advice.Thank you and congratulations on an interesting column.

John Cadman, Read the rest