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How Stuff Works

We’ve all been in the situation; you’re sat down the pub or with at home with the family and the subject of conversation moves towards ‘how this work…..’ or ‘what does happens when…..’ and more often or not it is discovered that no one knows the answer so it is changed just as quickly as it began.Things aren’t that simple however so for the rest of the day you’re left with the nagging feeling that you want to know exactly how a compact disk works, how rainbows are formed or how exactly an Amish guy lives.

Luckily, as we all know the Internet Read the rest


Despite having done this article now for over two years now I have only just scratched the surface of the number of Internet sites offering good quality services free of charge and one additional site that recently crossed my mind was MultiMap which offers a number of free services relating rather unsurprisingly to the subject matter of maps.

Just head to and you’re instantly offered the option to search for a place to be mapped; simply enter in your place name or postcode and instantly a fairly detailed map of the area is drawn on to your screen.Once here you can zoom Read the rest

Website Hosting

Once again I take a week to answer questions that my readers have recently put to me, focussing this week on Tony Venton who is interested in designing and maintaining his own website.

I am planning a web site as a hobby; a family album for those of my family spread around the world to keep them up to date with photos, stories and the such like so I have acquired FrontPage 2002 for this purpose but have to upgrade from my Windows 95 (which can’t run it) and a new PC is also well overdue.I am advised that I need Windows 2000 Read the rest

Online Chess

After talking about my time at Churston Grammar School last week, I’m now going to spend a second week of Click reminiscing over my younger days as the subject of conversation today requires another trip back in time.When I was ten years old I used to enjoy losing time and time again at the game of chess when playing against my farther; just as I started to improve I entered that stage of life where you want everything that interests you to be ‘cool’ and so obviously chess went out the window from the tender age of about 11 and I went in Read the rest

Online Encarta Encyclopaedia

I remember back in the early years of Churston Grammar School when my homework largely consisted of cutting and pasting huge quantities of text straight from a computer encyclopaedia Microsoft Encarta then changing it around a little so it looked like I’d written it.For example, the Americanism ‘color’ would always have to be replaced with ‘colour’, long words such as ‘discombobulate’ would be replaced with ‘confuse’ and I would religiously resize all the pictures so that the text ‘Copyright Microsoft Encarta’ was removed from the bottom of them all.I’m sure that all the teachers found it perfectly obvious as to what I was Read the rest

Suspect E-mails

Once again this week I will take the time to answer my readers computer related questions that I have recently received.

I received an e-mail from Mr. Ijeh Ben in Lagos, Nigeria; I expect you can guess the rest!There was a great complicated story about releasing funds and requesting my bank details and a number of times the confidentiality aspect was stressed.I am puzzled as to where this person found my e-mail address as I rarely give it to anyone and what I would be interested to know is if there is anyone I could report this to or just notify.Perhaps it’s just Read the rest

Alternative search engine

Whilst searching for a broad range of search engines on which to promote my website I recently stumbled across a site which I hadn’t seen or heard of in the past which is actually shockingly good.For the last couple of years, Google has been my search engine of choice and is still in the majority of cases the first site that I’ll go to when searching for information on the Internet although the original layout of the site that I’m going to cover today definitely earns it a position as one of my favourites.

Kartoo ( is a meta engine which means that Read the rest

The death of the floppy disk?

For what seems like years now I’ve been touting the death of the floppy disk drive; when CD writable drives were released I was one of the first proclaiming that there would be no need for the ridiculous storage capacity of a 1.44Mg floppy disk.The same was true when Zip drives came along, then the 120Mg floppy and the proliferation of other floppy disk ‘replacements’ that have hit the market and so not wanting to break with habit I’m doing it once again now that the age of affordable removable flash media is here.

With many of us using wireless networks and high Read the rest

News Sites

At the time of writing we’ve just started engaging Iraq in military action and with the majority of our population interested in how our soldiers are doing or what Saddam Hussein is up to, accurate up to date information is more important to us now than ever.Of course the Internet was designed to assist the exchange of information and years from its conception it still aids us with this particularly well and some of the busiest pages over the coming weeks will be the Internet news sites as people check out what is happening from their desks at work or studies at home.Read the rest

Easter Eggs

Going off on a slightly random tangent, this week I thought we could talk about Easter Eggs.Not of the chocolate gift variety we’ll all be receiving next month but rather an endearing name for a hidden piece of code that’s entered into an application at the design stage by a member of the programming team.The reasons for doing this is usually that most of the time a programming team is completely anonymous, for example, nobody knows the names of the individual people who sat down and created Windows XP; we just refer to it as being created by Microsoft.By inserting adding a small piece of code that is only accessible if you know Read the rest