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Last week we looked at the website which focussed on allowing old friends who met through any stage of their lives to get back in contact again via the Internet; a user would go online, type in their name and see if anyone was currently actively searching for them.I did promise though that this week I would investigate a similar style of site, but instead ofspecifically looking for one particular person we’d look at one which focuses on groups of people; your old school friends.

The website allows you to specify which schools you went to and your respective years of … Read the rest

Readers Comments & Questions

I enclose a photostat of my son Nigel and his colleague, Roger Palin who have set up a website to enable friends to get in touch with each other.

As my son attended Knowles Hill School, Newton Abbot, between 1971 and 1977 when we lived in Bovey Tracey, he wondered whether you could perhaps publicise the venture so former pupils could contact him or other friends.

Ray Nickless, Brixham

Enclosed with this letter, as Ray said was a cutting from Wirral News Group which gives us some interesting information about the site although since this article was written towards the end of Read the rest

Readers Questions

This week I’ll again spend a bit of time answering a selection of readers’ questions in the hope that I can resolve some of your most common problems.

I have been following your Click column in the Herald Express for some time and find it useful, being very new to Windows, etc. I followed your recent instructions on updating and managed to update most of our programs although, I cannot download DirectX 8.1 upgrade; it takes almost an hour and every time I try (and I have tried many times this last week) I lose the connection somewhere during the download time. We have Freeserve Anytime.

As you know, when the connection breaks Read the rest


One of the things that really makes the PC stand out from any of its rivals, consoles included is its adaptability; one minute it can be a games machine and then the next an Internet browser or a powerful Payroll system.

This week we’re going to look at something that takes this to the extreme, making a PC act like a completely different machine altogether; a term known as Emulation.To begin, I need to give you a brief lesson on how computers work in terms of the software that they run - When you buy a software package, Word Processor for example, you … Read the rest

Product Review; Norton Internet Security

Once again I’m going to feature a program that is designed to make your computer safer to use on the Internet; Norton Internet Security.This time however I’m going to focus on the threat of hackers from over the Internet as opposed to censorship of inappropriate material and the infection caused by viruses.

Before I start this article, just entertain me and take a quick trip to and click on the link for ‘Shields Up’ at the bottom of the page.This website will probe your computer, much in the same way a hacker would do to determine whether or not you are currently … Read the rest

Genuine Tech Support Calls.

We’ll take the week off from learning this week for a little bit of light humour.I know that many of you feel that your computer skills are maybe a little to be desired, I’m sure you’ll all cringe at some of the stupid calls that have been made to technical support departments over the years!All these calls are absolutely true although somewhat dated as the first time I compiled this list was for a Commodore 64 publication I edited roughly 6 years ago.

An AST customer was asked to send a copy of her defective diskettes. A few days later a letter arrived Read the rest

Keeping your computer up to date

Once you’ve worked with computers for even a moderate amount of time, there’s one thing that you’ll notice time and time again - Software never works correctly the first around.If you were to buy a car from Audi, you wouldn’t expect to have to take it back to the garage every couple of months to have it updated for numerous glitches, for example to stop a bug that makes the car become unstable when used in conjunction with a certain type of stereo.Computers are a different kettle of fish however.

A typical version of Microsoft Windows when it is released contains tens of … Read the rest