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3 Free Resources for IT Certifications


The IT market is saturated with professionals offering their services. Certifications are an absolutely necessary key to securing work in this market and having the most-up-to-date ones is of course extremely important! It can at times even compensate for a lack in work experience as it can show that we are skilled in the areas potential employers are looking for. On our journey of becoming more and more successful in IT, we need to know the cutting edge technologies to stay competitive.


Learning and expanding our resume makes us marketable and remaining up-to-date makes us more capable and valuable to our current or future employers. While many new professionals in the IT industry begin with the CompTIA A+ certification, working their way up from there to the Network+ and Security+ certifications from CompTIA, certifications vary depending on the chosen career path. For example, people in networking will be interested … Read the rest



Sounding like something straight out of science fiction, a new camera technology developed by researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) can actually visualize photons of light passing onto and by objects. The group has posted a series of videos which show the amazing properties of light as never seen before. In the future this technology may also be used to see around corners and aid doctors by delivering imagery of the interior of the human body with out the use of X-rays.

The new camera heralds the dawn of what the researchers are calling ‘Femto Photography’. Presumably the name comes from the extreme speed with which each frame is captured (femto is a unit meaning 0.000000000000001). The revolutionary technique is pioneered by the MIT Media Lab’s Camera Culture group which also collaborated with the Bawendi Lab in the Department of Chemistry at MIT. In order to create the … Read the rest

Samsung Galaxy Note II


IFA 2011 was dominated fairly successfully by the launch of the original Samsung Galaxy Note ‘phablet’. It’s had a pretty good year, selling well and generally being awesome all round. The second one, announced at IFA 2012, looks set to be even more impressive.

Taking its design cues from the Samsung Galaxy S III the Note II is slimmer and curvier than its predecessor whilst still being a fair bit bigger with its 5.5-inch screen. That touchscreen display is a HD Super-AMOLED 1280×720 16:9 screen which Samsung claim is thinner, brighter and lighter than the Note II. Looks wise, it will be available in two colours known in typical marketing speak as “Marble White” and “Titanium Grey”.

The headline grabbing specs though, make for pretty impressive reading. Its 1.6Ghz quad-core processor is likely to make it one of the fastest phones around and when you combine that with 2GB of … Read the rest

Online Gaming and Identity Theft


Millions of people play online games everyday. While the most popular are MMORPGs, there are also many other genres that are popular online. Considering the amount of information that typically has to be shared to make an account on one of these games, there are some people that are worried about the potential for identity theft. Is this threat a reality, or is it being inflated? Read on and find out.

Making an Account
Most online games, except for the many free Flash games, require at least some information before you can make an account. They require the player’s name, email address and maybe their address and phone number. Other games require a credit card for monthly billing, and this means that you are sharing even more sensitive data.

Brute Force Hacking
When you share sensitive information with an online game, that information is stored within a secure server. While … Read the rest

Inkjet Cartridges and the Environment

Modern Printing Thumb

The Modern Printing in the Home and For Business looks at the development of printing from its earliest invention to 3D printing today. It also looks at and explores the use of the most common printers in the home and business today, laser printers and inkjet printers. This also includes how inkjet printers work, how laser printers work and how toner cartridges print on a page.

There is a lot of debate around the world on ink cartridges so we take a look at the topical issue of genuine ink cartridges vs compatible ink cartridges and remanufactured ink cartridges. There are strengths and weaknesses for each and cost is not the only issue that should be considered.

With the cost of electricity rising and the need to reduce waste and reduce our carbon emissions to improve ourselves as citizens of this earth, we look at the issue of global warming … Read the rest

Tablet Computers in Classrooms: Boon or Bane?


In the field of education teachers constantly seek creative new ideas to make the classroom more productive. Modern technology has long been a resource for up-to-the-minute classroom innovations. With each new technological tool, however, there are some questions as to its classroom appropriateness or effectiveness. Tablet computers are no exception.

Educators have been using computers in class for decades now. Schools have whole computer labs with which to teach students the basics of computer use. Computers quickly became more of a learning tool than a class subject and schools across the nation have put desktop computers in each classroom. But providing each student with their own desktop is ridiculously inefficient, though the benefits are the stuff of a modern educator’s dreams. Laptops solve the problem of space and size, but are still cumbersome. Happily, the latest generation of computers, tablet computers, are even more streamlined, lightweight and portable, making it … Read the rest

Three tools to help manage your life efficiently


It doesn’t matter if you need to launch a new product, write a book, or design a new website - at the end of the day, everything breaks down into tasks that you need to complete. we all have different systems how to make sure that we get things done - here are three tools that help us do it.

Focus booster

The Pomodoro technique was developed by Francesco Cirillo back in the 80’s, and is very simple:

1. Choose your task and work on it for 25 minutes.

2. Rest for 5 minutes.

3. Rinse and repeat 4 times, then take a longer break.


This technique is an excellent way to make sure that you are focused on one specific task at time. Knowing that you have a limited length of time to work on your task before you take a short break, makes it much easier to … Read the rest

The Paperless Office


According to a report from the Bureau of International Recycling, the Environmental Protection Agency and The Economist, the average person in the US uses 5.57 trees per year.

Time magazine reports that a single office worker can use 10,000 sheets of copier paper annually.

And yet, the reliance on paper has been found to not only be primarily habitual rather than necessary, reducing its consumption has actually been found to be beneficial.

This has driven businesses and consumers alike to consider ways to reduce their paper consumption.

Using technology to replace or reduce paper is applicable both in the home and in business, and the tools, techniques (and price tags) vary depending on the need, current state and future goals.

To begin, the easiest first step is to simply skip the paper altogether. Eliminate the need for paper right at the source by saving important documents to PDF, using electronic … Read the rest

What’s So Great About The Raspberry Pi?


29th February 2012 wasn’t just another extra day in the leap year’s calendar; it also marked the launch of the Raspberry Pi. The single-board computer has been developed by the Raspberry Pi Foundation – a charity founded to promote basic computer science education. It marks a revolution in science teaching as it can easily be adapted to create a number of diverse projects, teaching students valuable computing skills.


This mini-PC uses a Broadcom BCM2835 system on a chip (SoC), including a 700 MHz ARM1176JZF-S processor and comes in two models both having 256 megabytes of RAM: the Model A which costs $25 and Model B which costs $35. Model B has two USB ports and an Ethernet port while Model A only offers a single USB port.

Software & Operating System

The Raspberry Pi uses a Linux-based kernel operating system, Debian, by default. However, Iceweasel, Calligra Suite, and Python … Read the rest

The Personal Cloud


One of the most saturated and fiercely competitive emerging markets in the world today exists within cloud computing, specifically consumer/personal cloud computing.

There are a lot of different descriptions of what the personal cloud is, to me it means online storage, synchronization and streaming. Specifically, putting your data online, accessing it across all your devices and sharing it with others.

It’s understandable that there are so many companies jockeying for position within public cloud provision, it’s an exciting place. To be at the heart of a $2 trillion (according to market research guru’s Gartner) consumer spend on content, devices and associated services makes a lot of sense. However, despite there being such excitement about this sector (venture capitalists continue to pour millions of dollars into start ups) I think the days of the traditional cloud model are numbered, here’s why…

The amount of information we store online each year doubles, … Read the rest