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The Power of Social Recommendations in London

London Social

Recommendations are almost always paid heed to. When someone tells us about how beautiful a place is or how scrumptious the food at a restaurant is, we try to check it out ourselves. Not necessarily would we always agree with recommendations from friends and family, yet we are tempted to try them even if a particular thing does not interest us. Such recommendations are termed as social recommendations.

Social recommendations have taken a whole new form through the increasing popularity of web applications, such as shopping services and online sharing. In such applications, it is the interpersonal influence that is orchestrated to play a more important and critical role. Surveys say that 45 per cent mothers’ purchasing decisions are influenced by recommendations through the social media.

Smartphones and tablets have made web accessibility all too easy. These gadgets help people stay connected, entertain themselves and consume and access information, irrespective … Read the rest

Google: Richer than Rich


What do 28 of the poorest countries in the world have in common with Google? Their combined GDP did not surpass Google’s earnings in 2010, according to the IMF. Consider these numbers: Google paid $500 million in fines to cover the cost of extracting roughly $8.5 billion in profit by breaking U.S. laws that forbid Canadian companies from offering pharmaceutical products to U.S. residents.

With over 1 billion visitors every month, the company has access to consumers all over the world. That is roughly one out of every seven people on the planet. Advertising makes up 97 percent of their total revenue, and many top-paying vendors have questionable reputations.

Google spent over 260 million watts of electricity on powering its facilities. That is about ¼ of the output of a standard nuclear power plant and is about 50 percent of the electrical output produced by the Hoover Dam. Do the … Read the rest

How Will Businesses Handle Social Networking


The advent of social networks on the Internet has presented a unique opportunity for businesses to engage with current and prospective clients in a way which was once impossible. As social media has become more popular, it has also started to bridge the generation gap that once existed. What was once a place reserved exclusively for college and high school students has become a social melting pot, allowing for Internet users of all ages to engage in social interaction across different platforms.

A Captive Audience

For businesses, expanding their online presence to a social media website presents several key benefits. For one, a business already has millions of users on these sites who can obtain information about their business without signing up for yet another email newsletter or promotional offer. If they are on Facebook, for example, they can be reached by any business that has a page.

Because social … Read the rest

What a Difference a Cloud Makes: The Advantages of Cloud-Based Technology


Cloud is the latest advance in computer software technology. More and more companies are realising the benefits of using cloud-based software, and using it to their advantage. There are many ways in which the use of cloud technology can help you and your business to be more productive, more secure and able to offer a premium service to all your customers.


Security & Protection

In terms of security and data protection, nothing else on the market can compare. Using cloud software eradicates any storage safety issues you may have previously encountered. Rather than having to store information on physical machines such as your PC or laptop, or on removable devices such as disks or back-up hard drives, cloud technology stores your data securely in remote servers.

These servers are constantly protected by the very latest firewall, updated with all current patches for virus protection and stored in fire and … Read the rest

Mobile Gaming – The Future Is Here


As a fairly traditional gamer, I tend to be a bit sceptical about gaming on touch screen phones. If it doesn’t have a mouse, keyboard and 8GB of RAM why bother even trying to play a game on it? Serious games surely can’t exist with such basic interactivity methods can they? I mean, there’s a reason why every journalist is illustrating just how easy iPads are to use with endearing anecdotes about how even their unborn baby is able to play around on it.

The traditionalist in me is yelling, “I don’t want games designed for toddlers to be able to play – I’m not a toddler!” Would Counter Strike work on your Nexus 7? Could you imagine Starcraft II tournaments held on Kindle Fires? These are some of the best games ever made – they also cannot work on mobile platforms as they currently exist. That’s a shame, but … Read the rest

The importance of LCD monitor panel type


Modern LCD monitors come in a range of screen sizes and differ in their basic specifications. Whilst some of the ‘on paper’ figures are concrete and verifiable (such as resolution and screen size) others (such as response times and contrast ratios) are often misleading and offer a poor comparison of real world performance. One particularly important aspect when considering a monitor’s real world performance attributes is the panel type. These can roughly be split into three main categories; TN (Twisted Nematic) which are highly responsive, VA (Vertical Alignment) which offer the best contrast performance and IPS (In Plane Switching) and PLS (Plane to Line Switching) which offer the most accurate colours and broadest viewing angles. There is often disagreement over the best panel type to use for particular tasks as there is some overlap and individual perspective at play as well. The advantages of shortcomings of the three main panel … Read the rest

The Brave New World of EReaders


As predictable as fall leaves changing color, the arrival of a new school year finds many college students experiencing sticker shock over the price of their textbooks. If they are able to swing the cost of all their books, they are left with the problem of having to carry them around. Furthermore, printed books become obsolete quickly as information changes rapidly in today’s world.

For some colleges, eReaders can solve all of these issues. Allowing students to procure digital copies of their books and load them onto a single eReader device lowers cost, enables the student to have the texts with them whenever and wherever they want, and eliminates the need for bulky, heavy backpacks entirely.

What is an eReader?

An eReader is a portable device which enables the user to read digital or electronic books. Common versions include the Amazon Kindle or the Barnes and Noble Nook. With storage … Read the rest

Tips for using Google Analytics Effectively

google analytics

Anyone who runs a website knows that data is everything. You need important information such as where your website’s visitors are coming from, what type of browser they’re using, as well as what pages they visit. To gather this data, the most popular and widely-used option is Google Analytics. Here are some great tips on how to use Google Analytics effectively with your website.

Getting Set Up

First things first, to even begin tracking website data, you need your own Google Analytics tracking code. This tiny piece of JavaScript can be copied and pasted into your source code and must be implemented before the <body> tag. Keep in mind that Google Analytics will only track the pages that have this code on it, so if you want it to track every page of your site, be sure to put it inside of the CSS file. After you have implemented the … Read the rest

A Brief History of Wearable Computers

Google Glass

Gone are the days when a ‘compact computer’ filled an entire room or when a laptop required a chunky external battery to be considered as a ‘portable’ option – these days, most of us are walking around with smart-phones which have many hundreds of times the processing power of the Apollo lunar landing computers, but how far away are we from truly ‘wearable’ computing technology?

Roulette à la ‘James Bond’

The earliest example of a wearable electronic computer was devised by a mathematician in the 1960s, who developed a small counting machine, which was designed to predict the results of roulette spins; this required some cooperation between a group of users in order to be effective, with one data-gathering lookout transmitting the wheel spin speed data via electronic switches hidden inside their shoes; the data in question was a coded signal, consisting of musical notation was then sent to a … Read the rest

Order of the Geeks

“Geek!” used to be an insult, an invitation to ceremoniously smash a nerd’s face into a porcelain basin of swirling water (e.g. “Swirlie“). Now it refers to anyone incredibly passionate about a certain subject. Do you think you’re a geek? Chances are, you might be on this list!

Are you a classic computer geek, or are you a Star Wars Geek sworn to destroy Trekkies? Maybe you’re a sports geek, who “knows what beer best pairs with each professional sports league”, or even a chic geek (that means you, “all of my jewelry has owls or bumble bees”). In this clever infographic, many “geeks” are depicted and associated with their telling points. Everything from the sports geek to the gamer geek is set on equal footing, showing that even though everybody is geeky, it’s actually a good thing. In fact, geekdom is not really worthy of a swirlie at all, … Read the rest