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Windows Gallery


After talking about Vista so much just recently I got thinking about new gadgets that I could download and integrate into the Windows sidebar when I came across the Windows Live Gallery website ( particular website which has been set up by Microsoft contains literally hundreds of small pieces of software that can be used alongside a Vista installation, along with software compatible with previous versions of Windows through the Windows Live service.

The Windows Sidebar is one of the new developments built into Windows Vista - it sits on the right hand side of your screen and contains ‘gadgets’ which can be best described as mini applications.Out of the box Vista contains eleven gadgets, Calendar, Clock, Contacts, CPU Meter, Currency conversion, RSS Feed Headlines, Notes, Picture Puzzle, Slide Show, Stocks, and Weather.Fortunately the community is free to develop further gadgets and this is the main interest of Read the rest

Blu-Ray and HD DVD


High Definition seems to be the current buzzword in the technology sector; we have had high definition ready TV’s on the market for some time now and now not only do we have a choice of one high definition playback format to choose from but two.To be honest the whole affair is very much like the old Betamax and VHS video war which repeats itself so often in the technology sector as two different formats struggle for supremacy.This war is particularly interesting for those in the computing industry because this technology isn’t only for the video industry but one of the formats will most likely become standard in the PC industry enabling software producers to fit huge amount of data on to a single disc.

Of course both formats have their advantages and disadvantages which is what we’ll be discussing today by looking at both formats individually.


First Read the rest

Plasma vs. LCD


Just recently I heard the news that the key makers of Plasma TV’s have banded together to fight the rising popularity of LCD TV’s.It is fairly unprecedented move but understandable when you consider that LCD has taken over the market for TV’s smaller than 40inches and are now starting to encroach on the market for larger screens.I thought with Christmas around the corner and a new TV being on many wish lists that it would be an idea to take an objective view as to which technology would be best to unwrap on the big day.

There isn’t enough space in this article to go in to the actual working of the technologies used in both types of TV so we’ll leave that for another week.For today though I thought it would be best to have simple bullet points simply explaining the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Screen SizeRead the rest

Backing up movies


As you can imagine a company such as ours that sells blank media (CD’s, DVD’s etc) does get asked on a daily basis how to go about making a copy of a movie using a home PC.As this is something not yet covered in Click I thought this week I would write a definitive answer as to hopefully decrease the frequency that this question pops up.

I will of course point out where the law stands on this; you are legally allowed to make a single backup of any copyrighted video that you own for personal purposes only as long as that backup is then kept for your sole use and not rented, lent of given to a third party.To copy a movie for any purpose other than this is very much illegal and something that neither myself nor the Herald Express could condone.

To backup a movie DVD you Read the rest



The popular video hosting site has hit the headlines several times recently for all the wrong reasons so I thought I’d draw focus back to the real reasons this website is always on my favourites list.YouTube was founded back in February 2005 by three early employees of PayPal and has already grown to become one of the most popular sites on the Internet.It provides users with a way to upload video content as well as being able to immediately view a huge number of video files completely free of charge.

As you would well imagine the variety of the content is huge – with 65,000 videos being uploaded every 24 hours you can type practically any word or phrase in to the search box and without fail a number of results will be returned.All videos are rated by users of the site and if you choose not to search Read the rest