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Choosing the Right Broadband Package

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Some of you may have been following the news recently and seen a lot of talk about the Government targets to have every household in the UK able to access a minimum of 2Mbps internet connections by 2015.

With this has come accusations of funding being favoured in the wrong areas, a general fear that rural communities could still be left behind and more importantly, much confusion and hullabaloo regarding which connection is best suited for such a task.

In reality many people don’t understand the broadband options available in their area, and less still understand how to get the most from them. Internet users in cities may be blessed with a range of choices from cable to SDSL. For those in rural areas the choice is less broad and the prospects of fast internet arriving in the near future are slim for many.

The days of the internet being … Read the rest

Reasons Why You Love And Hate Instagram


With over 30 million users and counting, Instagram has undoubtedly become a worldwide photo-sharing sensation. Since its creation back in 2010 and now under the ownership of Facebook, it’s one application that continues to either make eyes roll and others drool.

There’s no doubt people have an eternal love-hate relationship with Instagram. That’s why for this post, I took the liberty of jotting down the reasons why you love and hate it so much.

Why You Hate It

It’s too easy.

Nowadays, anybody can call himself or herself a photographer. All you need is a random photo, a filter that will go along with it and within a few clicks, Voila! You have an instant, seemingly “creative” shot that can practically imitate any other genuinely processed photograph.

It’s insulting.

It’s particularly offensive for those who practice manual labor to produce their photographs. There are the savvy film-camera aficionados and there … Read the rest

Order of the Geeks

“Geek!” used to be an insult, an invitation to ceremoniously smash a nerd’s face into a porcelain basin of swirling water (e.g. “Swirlie“). Now it refers to anyone incredibly passionate about a certain subject. Do you think you’re a geek? Chances are, you might be on this list!

Are you a classic computer geek, or are you a Star Wars Geek sworn to destroy Trekkies? Maybe you’re a sports geek, who “knows what beer best pairs with each professional sports league”, or even a chic geek (that means you, “all of my jewelry has owls or bumble bees”). In this clever infographic, many “geeks” are depicted and associated with their telling points. Everything from the sports geek to the gamer geek is set on equal footing, showing that even though everybody is geeky, it’s actually a good thing. In fact, geekdom is not really worthy of a swirlie at all, … Read the rest

4 Easy Tips on Creating a Good Password


You may wonder why there are always so many articles and blog posts dedicated to something as simple as creating a password. It’s simple and no big deal right? Wrong. If it were really that easy then mind you my friend no one would be talking about it. And if everyone could just get it right then surely no one would ever need to search it up more than once on Google.

Password security is essential in the world we live in today, simply because all our important day’s work revolves around a computer and/or a cell phone. We use the internet to pay bills, shop, share opinions and views, watch television and music, share photos and videos, buy airline tickets, manage our bank accounts and the list goes on and on. It’s an exhaustive list if we get down to talking about all the things we get onto our … Read the rest

Starting out as a Webdesigner


This article is aimed at giving some rudimentary tips and guidelines which help in making a website designing business a successful one.

Starting off a new business is as critical as it is exciting. Yes, it does give you the much cringed for independence, however, along with it comes responsibility. Establishing your own Website designing company can sometimes be a formidable task, mainly because, you are a Greenhorn in a situation where there have already been pioneers.

Nevertheless, it isn’t impossible to become a business magnate if the following simple tips are kept in mind.


Attitude goes a long way
Obvious as it may seem, the right kind of attitude is the harbinger of wealth and prosperity. Setting up a web-based business is comparatively easier than other businesses, but it requires a lot of patience and retrospection. Things take time to get going, and you must be motivated throughout … Read the rest

Google Buzz - Social Networking Website


The Click article for this week is brought to you by Hayley Underwood, my soon to be wife, so that she can tell you about Google Buzz; a new social networking application that she has been getting to grips with.

Google Buzz is an extension of the Google Mail service offered by Google which the Internet giants hope will lure users away from alternative services such as Facebook.

Google Mail initially created shockwaves when first introduced as they offered a huge 1GB of storage space for messages and attachments compared to most of its competitors who at the time offered a feeble 2 to 4MB. Today they offer a huge 7GB as standard however times have moved on and alternative providers such as Yahoo Mail and Hotmail also now offer an almost unlimited amount of storage space free of charge.

Despite not having the advantage over the competition in … Read the rest

Cashback Websites - Get money back on online purchases


I have a saying that goes something along the lines of ‘A penny saved is 1.22 pennies earned’ and while I’ll admit it’s not the catchiest of proverbs it certainly does hold some truth for the majority of us. Owing to the fact that you’re taxed on almost everything you earn, it is genuinely better to save a penny than earning an additional one and fortunately the Internet offers various methods of allowing us to do just that.

Money Saving Expert ( for example is a site that I turn to time and again to ensure that I’m always getting the best deal on my current account, credit card, utilities and so forth. As well as offering news and comparisons of various financial products on the market is also gives you a heads of to any discount vouchers or special offers valid at places such as restaurants and supermarkets which … Read the rest

Google Books - Online Literature Library


The idea of Google Books was first conceived in 2002 when a small group of Google programmers started pondering the question of how many man hours it would take to scan every single book ever written. We still don’t know the true answer to this question although just eight years from the idea conception there are now over 10 million books catalogued in their database.

While the first scan was done manually on a 300 page book and took 40 minutes to process, Google now use cameras capable of scanning at a rate of 1,000 pages an hour and also work with 20,000 publisher partners who provide content directly. They have also been able to provide over 1 million books that can be read in full from cover to cover; these unrestricted works are either books that have fallen out of copyright or have been provided with publishers express permission.… Read the rest



Cooliris is a free add-on for Firefox and Internet Explorer that enhances the way you view content on the hundreds of currently compatible sites. It is essentially a rather flash looking graphic user interface with a few nice features.

The main draw is the impressive way it presents you with an endless wall of images from your chosen page and allows you to browse them by dragging the page and then enlarging the picture/video of your choice. My description does not really do the effect justice, by comparison it is somewhere between Sci-Fi style smart boards found on CSI/Minority Report and the album selection method on iPod/iPhones. Although this may not seem particularly useful at first, once you begin to play around with the features including the add-on really begins to shine.

While hundreds of sites such as Facebook and Myspace are compatible, I would imagine most people would use … Read the rest

WordPress 2.8.5 – Part 2


Last week we were looking in to the powerful WordPress editor. Those that missed my last article can view a copy either at the Herald Express’s website ( or on my own online blog (

To recap, WordPress ( is an open source application which gives home users the ability to quickly and easily create an online blog, a term used to describe a website which provides an ongoing chronicle of information. After covering the basics last week we’ll now start to uncover the more advanced features that really make WordPress stand out from the crowd.

The term ‘plug-in’ is used to describe a small piece of software written by either the WordPress authors or a third party which provide additional features not found on a standard installation. If a blogger finds that WordPress doesn’t cater for a particular requirement of his then in … Read the rest