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WordPress 2.8.5


It’s been a year now since I was first properly introduced to WordPress and started using it to create an online archive of my work. Over the last 12 months I have grown to appreciate the power and flexibility of this piece of online blogging software and feel the need today to go in to a little more detail.

WordPress is a free and open source publishing application which gives home users the ability to quickly and easily create an online blog using their own domain name. Blogging, the term used to describe the maintenance of a website used to chronicle information has become incredibly popular in recent years as more users realise that the Internet provides a global platform which can be used to broadcast their ideas or opinions.

For most, the prospect of coding a website from scratch is not just a daunting but potentially impossible task, and … Read the rest

Online Ticket Scams


This month police managed to shut down 100 online ticket scam websites by taking action through the organisation in charge of registering all website addresses, Icann (Internet Corporation of Assigned Names and Numbers).

Typically, however, these sites which sell fake tickets for events ranging from Bruce Springsteen concerts to the Olympic games are incredible difficult to shut down due to most of them being based offshore. As such, not only do many still remain but more will surely form to replace the fallen.

There are however simple steps you can take to help safeguard against potential online fraudsters:

- Does it seem too good to be true? Life can sometimes chuck you a nice surprise although more often than not if something looks too good to be true then you’re going to be left disappointed. Alarm bells should start ringing if you’ve been endlessly searching for seats at the O2, … Read the rest

Slow Broadband


Last Friday I talked about a new breed of superfast broadband heading our way, however it would seem that in the current day many users still aren’t achieving anywhere near the maximum speeds promised by their ISPs.

Several months back my parents had their Virgin Media line upgraded from a 2Mbps to a 10Mbps connection free of charge, due to the discontinuation of the older package. This week my father mentioned that he hadn’t noticed a difference and so I performed a quick speed check which confirmed he was still on the old package; an issue resolved by a single phone call to Virgin.

I had a similar issue when Virgin upgraded me to 20Mbps without replacing my old, slow modem; once again a quick speed test provided me with the fodder to give them a call and get a new, faster broadband modem free of charge.

It is always … Read the rest

Superfast Broadband


There is a new breed of superfast broadband approaching which will be welcome news to the majority of the British public that are currently stuck with a maximum top speed of 8Mbps.

It is undeniable that Broadband take-up in the UK has been huge; the majority of the public now access the Internet via a broadband connection rather than a conventional dial up modem. A few weeks back I talked about broadband packages which made Internet access either free or incredibly cheap meaning that even occasional Internet users would be financially better off with a broadband connection.

Although the prices have been tumbling, a ceiling limit on the speeds obtainable has been reached and this needs to be broken through; although 8Mbps is a comfortable speed which will suit the majority of users we are lagging well behind many other parts of the world. A limited number of users in … Read the rest

The Pirate Bay


This week the verdicts of the four men accused of ‘assisting in making copyright content available’ via the popular torrent site ‘The Pirate Bay’ were announced.The four received sentences amounting to one year in jail each along with fines totalling $3,620,000.With such a harsh penalty I thought it might be worth delving deeper in to the case that one of the defendants has called ‘a theatre trail’ which was acted out with the intention of gaining media exposure which would focus on the power of the large film companies and the dangers of file sharing

The Pirate Bay was established in 2003 by the Swedish anti-copyright organization Piratbyrån (The Piracy Bureau) and has been acting as a separate organisation since October 2004.In total the site has 3,500,000 registered users and its purpose is to allow users to easily locate torrent files which are used by peer to peer file sharing Read the rest



Just recently I’ve decided that the walls of our house are looking a little bare and rather than spending a small fortune on pictures and paintings I’ve started searching the Internet for images of the place in which I live.The idea is to find a number of extremely high quality and dramatic images of Torbay which I’ll then blow up on to huge canvases to be hung on the wall.

My search has been hindered by the fact that while there are many sites which offer fantastic photographs of Torbay, most the images lack a certain artistic quality and are unavailable in the kind of resolutions that would allow them to be blown up.Eventually I came across Flickr; one of the most popular photo storage and sharing sites on the Internet.

The site is free, easy to use and features various methods for sorting, categorizing and tagging along with features Read the rest



I think I have resisted talking about Twitter ( for long enough - up until now I have sidelined this popular social networking service as I never quite understood its value and considered it to just be a passing fad.

That was until this week when I was listening to the Chris Moyles show on Radio One.Despite paying a yearly TV licence fee which is designed to promote independence within the BBC and remove the financial need for advertising, they flipped to an advertisement for one of their own shows which kind of missed the point, I felt.

The ridiculous voice of Tim Westwood followed; a 51 year old Caucasian man who attempts to sound like a 20 something year old living a black rapper lifestyle.He boomed in to the mic ‘it’s ya boy, Westwood’, ‘I’m walking with the big dogs’, ‘I’m going to elevate my game’ before completely contrasting Read the rest

Google Street View


I’m not sure what it is that they put in the water over at Google HQ but whatever it is, I want some. Such a large percentage of my articles have been devoted to the material that Google relentlessly produces that, without them, I genuinely doubt I would have found sufficient interesting content to keep this article going over the last eight years. To top it all they go and release “Google Street View”.

I can practically imagine the meeting in which an employee stood up and proclaimed “let’s drive specially modified cars down every street in the entire world and create a three dimensional virtual representation that anybody can then browse at home for free”. In any other company you would undoubtedly be ridiculed but at Google this idea was taken on board and followed through so over a period of two years practically every major city in the … Read the rest

Google Docs


Google Docs has been around for some time now but until recently I’d never managed to find a use for it in my life and my lack of experience with the service means I’ve not felt confident enough to recommend it to readers.We are currently going through the process of getting another shop up and running in Newton Abbot which has necessitated several people working on the same few spreadsheets (costing exercises, proposed time sheets and so on) from several different locations.Google Docs has worked out perfectly for this task.

To get started, set up a free Google Account (if you don’t already have one) at there you will now be able to create an online Document, Spreadsheet or Presentation.As well as then giving you access to these documents from wherever you are in the world, you also have the added advantage that you can choose to share Read the rest

Blogging Part 2


We’re just in the process of changing over the design and functionality of the website and rather than creating our own interface again it has been suggested that a far easier and indeed more effective method would be to use the free blogging software WordPress.A blog is a website maintained by an individual or company where a series of regular entries are made relating to a specific subject matter, such as a personal diary or an opinions page.

In the past I have covered the free website but have been suitably impressed with WordPress to feel that it also deserves a mention.In much the same fashion as Blogger, WordPress allows you to either host your blog on their website or install the open source code on to your own web server; the latter does of course require a small amount of knowledge relating to uploading files to a Read the rest