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Online Fraud Part 2


This week I decided that enough was enough and that it was time for me to talk openly about online credit card fraud and the rather bizarre attitude that the police and card issuing companies seem to have towards it.

As you may or may not know, the Refresh Cartridges website is my primary source of income and it is this income source that I use to put a roof over my head and food on our table; as such I can get very protective.Earlier this week we had a number of people come on to the site and use card details which we later found to be fraudulent.At the time, the amounts weren’t exceptionally large and so being a company that sends out hundreds of cartridges on a daily basis we did the basic checks, thought nothing more of it and sent the goods.

I’d approximate that around £600 Read the rest

Project Gutenberg


I was recently introduced to the website Project Gutenberg ( which rather impressively holds the title for being the oldest digital library.Started by a gentleman called Michael Hart back in 1971, the website is a volunteer effort which is designed to archive and distribute cultural works which have fallen in to the public domain. The venture began when Michael was given an account with $100,000,000 worth of computer time by the operators of a mainframe at the medical research lab at the University of Illinois.This gift was a chance occurrence which can be attributed to his good friendship with two of the four men operating the machine, along with being simply in the right place at the right time.

Unsure what to do with this free time, he announced that the best way he could use this gift would be to begin archiving material stored in hard copy Read the rest

Browser Wars #2


We started last week by looking at the initial browser wars of the mid to late 1990’s which saw Microsoft triumphing over a very prolific company of the time, Netscape.For a long time Netscape enjoyed a huge share of the browser market before Microsoft developed Internet Explorer, gave it away for free and bundled it with their Windows Operating System.Netscape didn’t last long and even to this day the actions of Microsoft are the subject of many debates, not to mention court cases, concerning allegations over restriction of competition and the abuse of a monopoly power.

Microsoft, however, got complacent and left a massive gap between releasing Internet Explorer 6 in 2001 and Internet Explorer 7 in 2006.This left a void which allowed more advanced and capable browsers to get a foothold in the market, resulting in a second series of browser wars.

Despite Internet Explorer still being an integral Read the rest

Browser Wars #1


One of the most commonly used applications in the modern world is the humble Internet browser.It is therefore unsurprising that such a large amount of attention is focused on the current ‘browser war’ which currently encompasses a number of big players, including Internet Explorer, Firefox and Opera.

To understand the importance of these developments, we need to look back at the first browser wars which began back in the mid 1990’s, just as the World Wide Web started to receive a huge amount of mass media and public attention.

At the time Netscape Navigator was the dominant player, and had been for many years after improving on the reliability and usability of the Mosaic browser that had been created in the early 1990’s.Netscape had gained such widespread use of their product by offering evaluation copies of Netscape either on CD or via download free of charge so that users could Read the rest

Rotten Tomatoes


I find it difficult to accurately convey how much I dread that feeling of regret when, after having had high expectations for a movie, you put it in the player and it turns out to be truly awful.Those two hours of wasted life can never be reclaimed but fortunately for all of us I know of a website designed to prevent such incidents arising in the future.

I am aware that film critics have been around for as long as the movie industry itself, however the opinion of one person can very rarely be trusted.For this reason I’ve started relying on a website called Rotten Tomatoes to do a little bit of quick research before I decide to rent a film.

Rotten Tomatoes compiles the reviews of dozens of movie critics for any given film and works out an average rating after taking all these opinions in to consideration.Whilst it … Read the rest

Facebook vs. MySpace


I’ve been putting it off and off but this month, with my willpower in tatters, I bit the bullet and signed up for a Facebook account.Since I wrote an article about MySpace last year people have been telling me to give Facebook a go but I hoped it was just a phase they were going through and that I would be fine keeping my social networking site membership to just the one; MySpace.

Social networking is the current 21st century buzzword as it allows computer users to keep in constant contact with friends and family both quickly and easily.It works by getting you to create an online profile of yourself and from here you can then search for people that you know.Once located you request that they add you as a friend and then when approved you can then view their profile and just as importantly, their friends.The ability Read the rest



A few days ago I watched the Tonight program on ITV, as I thought that the subject that they were covering might make for an interesting Click article this week.The subject in question was the new evil that has come to be known as ‘CyberBullying’ which involves individuals filming attacks, and then posting them on to video sharing sites such as Youtube for others to watch and take enjoyment from.

I personally can’t imagine the kind of individual that obtains pleasure from watching such videos and of course, I do agree that something needs to be done however as I sat and watched I couldn’t fail to be amazed how, in true Tonight style, the situation had been overblown to epic proportions.If you were watching this program uninformed you would come to the natural conclusion that all school kids do nowadays is go in to school with a camera phone, Read the rest

Web 2.0


Possibly one of the most useless phrase that’s currently doing the rounds is ‘Web 2.0′.I call it useless as the term implies that there is a new version of the World Wide Web available, and that us fools left using the old Web 1.0 should probably catch on and make the switch; fortunately this isn’t the case.

The term was coined by O’Reilly Media 2.0 back in 2003, and was popularised by the first Web 2.0 convention in 2004 and then a series of successive conferences.Eventually it become adopted by the wider community however when a customer of mine asked me earlier today to define exactly what Web 2.0 meant I was stuck; hence my sudden need to write this article.

I don’t feel bad for not knowing how to define the standard as even Tim O’Reilly, the man who is credited with creating the term seems to describe it Read the rest

Google Healthcare


Several years ago I wrote about the NHS Direct ( website and the assistance it could offer with regards to checking up on any medical symptoms you may experience, without the need to necessarily see a doctor.Over the past years not only has this website been extremely popular, but doctors now regularly encounter informed patients who have ‘Googled’ their symptoms before booking an appointment.Whilst there are concerns about patients developing hypochondria or misdiagnosing themselves, few can argue that this kind of access to medical information isn’t a good thing.It seems therefore fitting that just recently that two of the biggest technology companies, Google and Microsoft appear to be in a position where they can make a significant impact on the healthcare sector.

To take matters one at a time, Google has recently invested in the genetic profiling company ’23 and me’ which is a privately held biotechnology company, Read the rest



‘Spam! Spam! Spam! Spam! Lovely spam!Wonderful spam!Spam spa-a-a-a-a-am spam spa-a-a-a-a-am spam.Lovely spam! Lovely spam! Lovely spam! Lovely spam! Spam spam spam spam!’

Before I’m accused of losing it, could anybody reading the above that’s not aware of the Spam Song sketch, please look it up on YouTube immediately.I have to admit that I’ve dipped back in time to the era of Monty Python but it seemed somewhat relevant this week when I heard the news that a man dubbed the ‘spam king’ is to be tried by a Seattle court.

Robert Soloway has been responsible for sending billions of unsolicited junk e-mails (spam) worldwide since starting his illicit empire which funding a life of luxury including a water front apartment in Seattle and a top of the range Mercedes Benz.

It is almost certain that anyone reading this article has received an unwanted e-mail from Mr Soloway in the past Read the rest