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5 Great Tools for Organising Day to Day Life

Years ago the normal way of organising our day-to-day life was with a calendar hanging on the kitchen door. But now, with the internet; smart phones, tablets, etc – there are so many more ways we can keep our lives in check.


We now find ourselves with a range of online tools for those everyday tasks that were once so tedious! It’s time to embrace the digital age and all it’s short cuts with these 5 great online tools for organizing day-to-day life!


  1. Do you spend a lot of time travelling? If so, then Trip It is your answer. For stress free trips, Trip It comes in handy for organizing all the necessary details and storing them in one easy, simple and accessible place! Providing an itinerary, Trip It is an app you can download on your iPad or iPhone! Once you start using it, you’ll wonder how
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Mobile Apps For Fundraising

Are you training to run a marathon for charity and want to check who has donated so far? Are you about to shave your head for a good cause and want to keep up with your fundraising totals? Raising money for charity is now easier than ever with mobile apps available to help you along the way while you are on the go.



There are several which are out in front of their competitors because of their ease of use and have many features available to make your life easier. JustGiving is a very popular way to gift money for various fundraising events as they reclaim Gift Aid on behalf of the charity, essentially making your donation worth more. Their mobile app is great for not only giving money to charity but also if you are one of the ones raising money. You can set up a page, … Read the rest

What Is So Special About Microsoft One Note MX?

The Microsoft One Note MX is special as it has blended in with Microsoft Office to form the fourth main element. There is Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint and now there is OneNote MX. It has smoothly developed into the fourth pillar of the MS Office suite. Microsoft has gone a step further to put OneNote MX as the poster child of the new touch-friendly mobile Office. While we are aware that Word is a word processor and Excel, a spreadsheet program and PowerPoint is meant for presentations, the name OneNote is not clear as it is labeled differently.

The acronym, OneNote MX stands for “Metro eXperience” and there is no question about it being the coolest app in the Windows Store. Although most of the Windows 8 preview apps have miles to go before they are ready for primetime, the OneNote MX app is almost perfect. I am sure … Read the rest

Top 5 Photography Apps For Your Phone

Nowadays you don’t need an expensive DSLR to have fun with a camera – here’s a few apps you can download to get you feeling more snap-happy using your mobile phone.

1. Instagram

It comes as little of a surprise that Instagram has found a place on the list. Developers Burbn Inc claim that their app is enjoyed by 50 million people, and once you play with it a bit yourself you can’t help but believe them.

Instagram is available on iPhones, iPads, iPods and the more recent Android devices, and allows you to apply a multitude of filtered effects to your photos before sharing them on Facebook, Twitter and other social media websites.

Best of all is that the app is completely free, so you can inject some life into your snaps as often as you like.

2. 360 Panorama

As the name may suggest, 360 Panorama is an … Read the rest

Twitter Time-Saving Tools

Check out these Apple and Android apps that will let you get more results from your social networking efforts for less. It is pretty safe to say that anyone who has a good number of followers isn’t only entertaining and interesting, but is also an expert in Twitter management. If you want to make the most out of your Twitter account, you need to master the art of gathering followers, engaging people, and sharing tweets online. Whether you own a pastry shop or manage a printer dealership business, you need to have the right tools to help you manage and grow your Twitter profile.

Transform Facebook and Twitter into a social networking dashboard

Find the Buffer browser extension and then install it in your computer. Turn your Facebook and Twitter streams into your social media dashboard. The buffer button will appear whenever you want to, including the Facebook share, retweet, … Read the rest

Earth-Friendly Apps to Love

Even if you aren’t able to fully adapt to an eco-friendly lifestyle, there are a few ways you can contribute to the preservation of the environment. From unplugging cell phone chargers to commuting for work, you can help preserve the environment in small ways. Mobile phones are not only revolutionizing how people perform tasks, but they are also great tools for going green. Find out the top eco-friendly apps these days to help you stay green without spending too much money.


The iRecyle is known as one of the most progressive eco-friendly app in the market these days. The app helps you find a nearby recycling center from your location. With this app, users are also able to see which items each center accepts, so you don’t have to take items back with you. The app features access to more than 100,000 recycling centers that are accepting more than … Read the rest

Pidgin - Multiple Instant Messenger Service

If like me, you find yourself juggling multiple messenger applications to keep your friends, family and colleagues happy you will be glad to hear about Pidgin. Formally known as Gaim, Pidgin is an open-source messaging program that allows the simultaneous use of multiple instant messenger services through one application.

Available as a free of charge download from, this small program supports 17 networks including favourites AOL, MSN and Yahoo as well some lesser known ones such as Jabber and Gadu-Gadu. Additional chat clients such as Skype and the Facebook Chat tool can be added through the use of freely available third party plugins which are easily located on the Pidgin site.

Once installed, simply select the type of account you want to add (for example a Google Talk account) along with your user name and password. Any of your contacts from that account that are currently online will … Read the rest

Microsoft Office 2010

Despite it being the second most used application on my work computer (behind the Mozilla Firefox browser), it’s still impossible for me to get excited about a new edition of the Microsoft Office suite.

With the final release due in a couple of months, Microsoft have provided a beta test version of Office 2010 that’s free for members of the public to download. The beta test version will run unhindered until October 2010 at which point users must decide whether they wish to purchase the final release or have it removed from their hard drive.

For the costs involved the majority of home users may still be better off with the free OpenOffice Suite ( as it should provide all the features you are likely to need at no cost. This having been said, the Office Suite has remained a popular flagship product over the years due to business users … Read the rest

Aviary Online Design Suite

This week we’ve been making paper penguins. Our reasoning isn’t quite as tenuous as you would imagine; our company mascot is a penguin, we had an hour to kill, and we needed something to put on the Refresh Cartridges blog.

Of course, you never know where a journey to create a penguin template will take you and while looking for a free vector image editing program, Matt fortunately stumbled across the website Aviary is essentially a free online design suite which consists of many powerful tools ranging from a simple audio editor to a variety of fairly sophisticated image/vector editing software.

The applications are all used online rather than being downloaded and installed on to your hard drive. This offers a number of advantages, most notably the ability to ‘dip in’ quickly and easily, without having to install, and the fact that everything is stored on a central … Read the rest


Tomorrow evening represents a huge technological change for football fans as we see the Ukraine v England World Cup qualifier this Saturday become an Internet only event. The move follows the collapse of the television company Setanta who previously had the rights to the game after no alternative agreements with conventional broadcasters were reached.

Personally, I don’t fancy the idea of sitting in front of a laptop, dressed in full England Away Kit, by myself. Half the experience is surely either the pub atmosphere or having the game played on a big screen with a couple of mates and I genuinely wonder how many people will stump up the £11.99 subscription fee (£4.99 if paid two days in advance).

The idea that one method of watching the game is so palatable and one so disagreeable got me thinking about how our opinions of these two types of media are so … Read the rest