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Google SketchUp


My partner has recently decided that it is a good idea if we start redecorating and redesigning my house however unfortunately it looks like a large number of our plans will consist of taking a sledgehammer to the interior walls of the building.I really do have very limited skills when it comes to DIY so I won’t be undertaking this myself however I would like to see how our plans will look before any work takes place which was why I was interested when I heard about a free program by Google called ‘SketchUp’

I know that you’re probably bored of me talking about software provided by Google but it really does seem that a large amount of the good quality free software out there at the moment is produced by this one company.I’ll be honest in saying that I don’t Read the rest



This week I’ll once again take the time to answer a question recently sent to me by a Click reader.

I’m a student doing art studies and also a regular reader of your column ‘Click’ in the Heard Express. To assist me with my course I’m currently looking for a good quality colouring program that I can download for free. Whilst I have downloaded programs in the past which were excellent they are all limited by 30 day trials and as a schoolgirl I don’t have enough money to buy to buy the full versions.

I was wondering if you would be able to recommend a good program that is available free of charge?

Lisa Penny, Torquay

When you say ‘colouring program’ I’m assuming that you’re after a drawing package which is capable of handling basic functions such as line, text and fill tools as well as more advanced features Read the rest

EditPad Lite


Many people would be surprised by this but one of my favourite applications in Windows is notepad utility - Okay, it’s extremely simple and contains practically no features but that’s exactly why I like it!

When you’re taking a call and need to make a note or are using the computer and want to create a non fancy document such as a to do list for the day Notepad is absolutely perfect.There would rarely be a time that notepad isn’t running on my computer as it saves me jotting notes down on pieces of paper that I would then promptly lost.

Just recently I discovered an application called ‘EditPad Lite’ which retains the simplicity that I love about notepad but also adds other helpful features that sometimes you just wish Microsoft had incorporated into their application from the start.

For all of you that share the same passion for Windows Read the rest

Portable GIMP


The GNU Image Manipulation Program (rather affectionately named GIMP) was first released back in 1996 by two American University students.The program was designed to be an easy to use, powerful open source image editor and since this date it has matured to achieve a large user base over several platforms including the Apple Mac, Windows and Linux.

For some time I’ve been looking for a free image editing program to recommend because I’ve found that any program worth its salt costs money and I realise this is something my readers don’t appreciate!It looks like finally I may have found the answer in the form of GIMP and so today I have decided to take the time to review the latest incarnation of this program.Although GIMP is best known to Linux users I have tested the Windows version of this product as this is the Operating System that most my readers Read the rest