New Blackberry 10 OS

The BlackBerry smartphone company has been struggling ever since the iOS and Android smartphones entered the market. BlackBerry has been doing its best to gain new customers, and they might be able to with the new BB10 OS. BlackBerry is playing to its corporate market by introducing many new features that corporate workers and business owners will enjoy. While BB10 may not be a huge success with the consumer market, it has the potential to become a competitive OS in the business sector.


Personal and Work Mode

Perhaps one of the best new features is the ability to create two profiles. You can create a profile for work, and another profile for business. This is in response to the widespread fear of smartphones being hacked as the technology becomes more common. Hackers often go after popular devices, and smartphones are being attacked more frequently.


The ability to make two profiles is incredibly powerful. This is convenient because you can easily place work apps and content on the business profile, and the personal profile can include fun apps and contact information for your friends. This is also safer because the work profile is sandboxed.


This means that the work profile is stored in a separate compartment of the smartphone’s memory. This allows IT administrators to remotely wipe the information if necessary, and it keeps hackers from obtaining all of the information on your smartphone.



BB10 has also introduced the Flow feature. If you are used to the iPhone, then you will love Flow. The problem with the iOS is that it’s difficult to switch from one app to the next without closing the app, going to the start screen and then selecting another app. This takes time, and it requires a lot of tapping that can becoming annoying.


Flow allows you to open a sidebar whenever you are using an app. You can easily select a new app from this sidebar to instantly launch it. This saves time, and many testers have found it convenient.


Enhanced Lock Screen

The lock screen has also been enhanced to make it easier for you to see content without unlocking the phone. Most smartphones force you to unlock the phone so that you can check your calendar or read content. This can get annoying if you are waiting for a new message or update because you will have to periodically unlock your phone.


BB10 allows you to see certain content from the lock screen without having to unlock the phone. For example, you can easily check your Twitter updates. The lock screen will also display your schedule from the calendar app so that you can easily see what you need to do that day.



While BlackBerry has many competitive features, there are some things they need to do if they really want to compete with the other smartphone manufacturers. BlackBerry seems out of touch with the consumer market. Many of their features will only be interesting to business users, and this market is currently loyal to Apple and Android.


Another problem is that many of these new features can be emulated with apps from the leading smartphone manufacturers. This means that you can enjoy many of these benefits with a few premium apps from the Apple App Store or Google Play. If BlackBerry wants to succeed, then they need to connect with the consumer market. BlackBerry also needs to give corporate users more beneficial features that address proficiency so that they can get more work done.


About the Author - This piece was contributed by Ty Witherspoon who writes for 4g lte. He an avid tech writer and freelancer based in the great city of Chicago.