Earth-Friendly Apps to Love

Even if you aren’t able to fully adapt to an eco-friendly lifestyle, there are a few ways you can contribute to the preservation of the environment. From unplugging cell phone chargers to commuting for work, you can help preserve the environment in small ways. Mobile phones are not only revolutionizing how people perform tasks, but they are also great tools for going green. Find out the top eco-friendly apps these days to help you stay green without spending too much money.


The iRecyle is known as one of the most progressive eco-friendly app in the market these days. The app helps you find a nearby recycling center from your location. With this app, users are also able to see which items each center accepts, so you don’t have to take items back with you. The app features access to more than 100,000 recycling centers that are accepting more than 240,000 kinds of recyclable materials. Another stand-out feature of the iRecycle is its direct access from news, updates, tips, articles, and stories from Earth enthusiasts. And best of all, this app is totally free!


FormMobi is another earth-friendly app that helps organizations and businesses go paperless. This app can also help businesses gain substantial savings by cutting printing costs. It can be expensive to keep up with the maintenance of all the wireless printers in the office, not to mention the cost of paper. FormMobi provides templates for almost all kinds of professions and industries. Users can build their forms with its drag-and-drop feature. It also offers the option to record voice notes, create graphs, include signatures and add photos. FormMobi provides unlimited pages and doesn’t require an Internet connection to gather information.”


Carticipate is the very first iOS ride-sharing app that enables users to search for car pooling opportunities in their area. Carticipate taps into GPS technology to find users in an area. The app also comes with a list of pre-loaded destinations that you can edit or erase, and also the option to personalize routes. Anyone who is looking to share car transportation resources and minimize carbon footprint will benefit from this app.


The GoodGuide is another earth-friendly mobile app that makes it easy for users to search for green, ethical, and healthy products. From baby shampoos and diapers to pet food, GoodGuide has it all. The scanning feature of your smartphone makes this cool app very convenient. All you need to do is scan the barcode on an item using the app, and then the product’s social, health, and environmental impact will be shown. For instance, if you want to find out whether the colour laser printer you are about to buy is energy efficient, simply scan the barcode with your phone, and then product information pops out on the screen.

Walk Score

This one of a kind smartphone app helps consumers find walkable neighborhoods to live. Walk Score also shows a map of nearby amenities to encourage more walking and less driving. The app’s also features an apartment finder tool that lets you search residences by commute time, proximity to public transit, and distances from coffee shops, grocery stores, schools, and more.


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