Fast Tips On How To Grow The Numbers Of Your Instagram Followers

f you don’t already know what Instagram is all about, you are in luck. This article is written with people like you in mind. In a nutshell, Instagram is a mobile application that allows users to share photos over the Instagram platform or by linking them to other social media network forums. Currently, this application is available for users of Android devices and those that use an iPhone.

The way it works is that an individual takes a picture from those available on the applications gallery or capturing one using their device. Once this is done, a person can choose to apply a digital filter to make it appear more artistic and then after that one simply posts it by uploading it on the server that’s hosting Instagram.

When you are uploading your content, you have the option of sharing your picture on other social media websites with associated comments about the picture(s)you have posted.

In my case, I use Instagram for the convenience of making pictures captured with my iPhone better and sharing them on other social media websites. All the while I was blind to the fact that I had generated a huge following on my Instagram profile and over the years these followers had developed a close relationship with me through the pictures I put up. Perhaps you are just like me and you have now just realized that you need to take your followers seriously if you are to get more followers than you currently have. Here are some tips that have helped me grow my number of Instagram followers:

Post the best of the best of your work

If you are just starting out on Instagram build a strong portfolio by posting the best of the best. You want to set a trend and posting good photos gives your profile credibility and will immediately set you on the path of getting more followers.

Post the pictures evenly throughout your day

Remember that Instagram is available to people all over the world and different countries have different time zones. Resist the temptation to post the pictures you have settled on all at one go. Give them at least a 2 hour time difference before you put up the next picture. That way, many people are more likely to view your content. Always try to time the time you are posting to peak hours when the Instagram forum appears to be active with activity.

Use Tags

Anything less than that is doing your profile injustice. Including a tag on your pictures helps Instagram users find them more easily. The more tags you give a photo you post, the more places it will appear. Always keep in mind the most popular tags and some of those include #good, #photooftheday, #beautiful, #cute and so on and so forth. A point to note is that Instagram only allows one to include a maximum of 30 tags on one photo but those are enough if they are used well.

Geo tag your photos

This concept works in the same way as tagging. The only difference here is that you need to include information about where the photo was taken. This will make your picture visible to people who are searching for a specific location.

Follow other people’s posts

One good turn deserves a favor so to speak. If you want to grow your number of followers, put yourself out there and follow other people with similar interests as yours. If you do, there is a high chance that they will follow you back.

Like and give constructive comments and criticism

Do not just be a dormant follower. Go through the content posted by people you are following and like their photos and give helpful or interesting comments. That will rub off on some people who read comments and in turn get you some extra followers.

Promote your Instagram account

Post a link to your Intagram profile on other social media websites that you are currently using and invite your friends on those platforms to follow you on Instagram.

About the Author - Steve writes for Get Instagram Followers a website designed to help boost your Instagram likes.