File Sharing.

I’ve recently downloaded the latest version Kazaa Media Desktop; an application that I’ve been using for quite a while now to search for files and download files over the Internet and since I’m quite impressed by the way the program is shaping up, I thought I’d give you all a run-down on what the product has to offer.

Kazaa is somewhat similar in style to the now defunct Napster in the way that you could simply log on, type in the name of the music file you were looking for and then download it straight off of another Napster users hard drive.Kazaa builds on this idea by offering a number of additional features such as the ability to search for pictures, videos and software files and whilst I obviously don’t condone piracy, the application is decentralised which means that it will not face the same fate as Napster did when the music industry decided that file sharing should be made illegal.The reason for this is that they were able to shut down Napster as the company had a number of central servers to handle searches that users made and as a result to destroy the service all you needed was permission to switch off these servers.

Kazaa doesn’t suffer from this problem as the network is only dependant on there being a number of users online with high speed connections that can be set up as search nodes to handle requests made by the users.It is obviously impossible to shut off all the PC’s acting as search nodes in unknown locations around the globe so in turn, the service is pretty much indestructible.

Once you’ve made your search, Kazaa will often find a dozen or so users with the file that you’re looking for and group them all into the same category.When you request the file it will try and download a percentage of the file off each of the users so that the fate of the download isn’t placed solely on one person.If one of the users drops out of the transfer then you’ll just download slightly more from each of the remaining users to compensate.In addition, by downloading off multiple users at once you can potentially increase the speed of your transfer, as the total speed you’re downloading at would be the sum of the speeds you’re getting from each individual user.Those of you that used Napster will remember that the file transfer was done from one user only and if they were to drop their connection then the whole transfer would have to be restarted again, sourcing from a different user.

Priority is also now given to those who contribute most to the Kazaa service; this is a good thing as it avoids people always taking files but never giving and therefore ensuring that there remains a diverse content online to be downloaded.In addition, users can now rate files for technical quality, which ensures that poor quality MP3’s and corrupt software files won’t remain on the service.

Remember that by copying music and software without permission is illegal, and so you should ensure that you only download un-copywrited music and files.If this is acceptable to you then I recommend that you get a copy of Kazaa from as with the roll out of broadband across the country I can see online file sharing becoming dramatically more popular than it is at present.To conclude, it’s my 21st today so chances are by the time you read this I’ll be out and about in Paignton so just pop over to say ‘hi’ if you see me out and about!

About the Author - Chris Holgate works for Refresh Cartridges who supply a wide range of printer cartridges at the UK’s lowest prices.