Last week we looked at the website which focussed on allowing old friends who met through any stage of their lives to get back in contact again via the Internet; a user would go online, type in their name and see if anyone was currently actively searching for them.I did promise though that this week I would investigate a similar style of site, but instead ofspecifically looking for one particular person we’d look at one which focuses on groups of people; your old school friends.

The website allows you to specify which schools you went to and your respective years of leaving so that the website can bring up a list of other people that have registered themselves as being in that year and in that particular school.Upon navigating to the site, you are asked to specify a school name; either primary school, secondary school or a further education college.Once you’ve found your old school, you are invited to add yourself to the list of ex-pupils which is easily achieved by setting up a user name and password as well as specifying the year when you left.All ex-pupils are able to leave information about what they are currently doing so that others can see how their old friends are getting on.

If you find someone that you wish to get back in contact with then you are required to register as a full member of the service which costs £5 annually.This allows you to see all the e-mail addresses that are posted onto the site as well as a number of other benefits which we shall discuss shortly.

Another nice feature is that once you’ve registered, you are able to search message boards for mailings from old school friends as well as details of any school reunions that may be coming up.You can also view pictures that ex-pupils have uploaded of either themselves or the school although to upload any pictures yourself or post any messages on the message board, you must be a full member of the service.

Your searches aren’t just limited to the school that you went to, you are also able to add details of various places that you have worked in your life or search for specific names, perhaps of someone who was a good friend but who didn’t actually go to your school.

Overall, I am very impressed with this site; it has listings of 40,000 schools which they believe is every registered school in the UK.If by the very unlikely chance you went to a school that is not currently listed then you can easily add it to the service to get the ball rolling.The listings of pupils that went to each respective school are well populated due to the high number of visitors that the site receives; I personally found details of 69 people that were in my year at my secondary school and a dozen or so from my primary school.

The website remembers all your details by way of your user name and password so that whenever you return to the site and log in then you will be easily able to see any updates that have occurred to the listings since last time you visited or even change any of your details such as your online description that other ex-pupils will see.

Just to look through all the details is completely free of charge so it’s definitely worth a few minutes of your time.You will then have the choice of whether you think there is anybody you wish to get in contact with that warrants the £5 membership cost for the year.

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